What Does a Fireplace Installer Do?

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A fireplace installer is a person who installs pre-fabricated fireplaces into dwellings. The actual structural component that houses the fireplace is typically not built by the fireplace installer. Once the builders have finished with the basic construction of the structural component of the system, the fireplace installer is responsible for setting the fireplace unit into the structure and attaching all related wiring and gas lines. Once the fireplace is properly positioned into the structure, the installer applies the mantle and any trim to finish the installation. Occasionally, the installer will be asked to install a fireplace into an existing room or building, and in this case, the installer may also build all of the supporting structure.

Unlike the fireplaces that were required to heat and cook meals within a building, the modern fireplace is commonly a fabricated unit that operates on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) gas. Manufactured of metal components, the fireplace is commonly installed within a wooden structure that is built to resemble a fireplace and chimney inside of a room. The unit is set into place by a fireplace installer who specializes in the installation procedure. The unit is wired to the electrical system of the building so that electric venting fans, blowers and ignition systems can be easily operated by the homeowner.


On some fireplace models, the units use a non-venting type of gas log. This requires no outside ventilation to be assembled and put into action by the fireplace installer. On other types of fireplaces, the fireplace installer is required to assemble a metal venting pipe or chimney that runs from the fireplace, up through a simulated chimney structure to the roof top of a building or home. The installer will commonly attach all gas lines to the fireplace and test the unit for gas leaks. The installer also will test the venting efficiency of the exhaust pipe by using smoke from a burning paper to check that the smoke is being drawn into and up the vent pipe.

Occasionally, the fireplace installer will be asked to install an actual wood-burning fireplace into a building. When this type of installation is performed, the installer is responsible for several additional safety measures. The installer must use fireproof caulking to seal all gaps in the fireplace structure as well as the chimney pipe. A damper must also be installed into the chimney pipe to allow the user to adjust the fire's burning rate.


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Post 3

@Feryll - We already had gas in our house. We have a gas furnace and a gas water heater. So when we wanted to convert a wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace we had the basics. We called the fireplace installer and he connected the gas line to the gas longs and checked the venting as mentioned in this article.

The entire job didn't take as long as I thought it would. The guys were very nice and professional. The total cost of the conversion was $550. We didn't buy one of the more expensive installation units because we wanted a good heating source at the best price we could get.

We have been very pleased with our new fireplace. It is easy to light and it heats great. We have blowers that help to move the heat around the entire first level of our house.

Post 2

@Feryll - How much you'll have to pay to get your fireplaces converted depends on the size of your existing fireplaces and the size of the inserts. There are a wide range of choices in fireplaces and the prices cover a wide range. You can expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.

Since you have existing fireplaces you will have all of the venting you need, so this will save you some money. You should call at least three installers in your area and get estimates. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.

Post 1

Does anyone know how much a fireplace installer charges to install a fireplace on average? I have a couple of old fireplaces that I would like to have updated with efficient heating units. I want one of the fireplaces to remain wood burning, and I want to convert the other to a gas burning fireplace.

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