What does a Financial Planning Manager do?

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A financial planning manager develops and puts into place an effective financial planning system that provides a company or organization with tools to gauge its financial performance. This individual monitors historical financial trends using a variety of metrics. The role of this person is to identify future trends, develop a strategic response, and assess financial goals.

In larger organizations, the planning manager heads a team of employees tasked with developing financial strategies. This team sets financial priorities and influences decision-making at the highest levels of the organization. The financial planning manager establishes a system of transparency to allow for easy accounting and internal review. This individual is responsible for making financial data easy and concise for others at the organization to read and comprehend.

The financial planning manager oversees the strategic planning of the annual operating procedures and budgetary process. He or she calculates and determines a spending budget that will be maintained throughout the organization. This employee is responsible for putting financial data into a report and presenting it to the executives at his or her organization. This individual may also have to relay pertinent financial information to shareholders at appropriate meetings.


A person working as a planning manager works with others at a company to develop a sound investment strategy. He or she is responsible for giving investment advice and insight relating to the particular needs of the organization. The financial consequences of an acquisition or capital restructuring are reviewed by this employee. This person assesses the potential financial impact of such changes and takes them into consideration when developing a financial blueprint for his or her company.

The job description of a financial planning manager calls for an employee who can effectively work with the accounting, treasury and tax departments in an organization. This individual ensures that all departments involved with financial matters are working with the same internal financial data and toward the same goals. This employee must have excellent communication skills to coordinate these efforts among different departmental entities.

The financial planning manager typically works with strict deadlines to ensure that all financial goals are accomplished in a timely manner. He or she is responsible for monitoring cash flow and making sure that company accounting reveals a consistent effort to stick with a financial regimen and budget. This employee adjusts financial planning and goal setting each year to reflect the growth of the organization. This person is ultimately responsible for cultivating a healthy financial outlook for his or her organization.


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