What does a Field Service Representative do?

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There are many definitions for a field of service representative and each representative’s duties and job description may vary by company. The overall responsibilities of a field service representative are based in customer service, education, and inspection or technical service. Most often, a person in this position does the majority of her work outside an office out “in the field." Field representatives may work for retail, service, or even real estate industries.

Many field service representatives in the retail industry have the responsibility of educating employees, business partners, and even customers about their company or product. This position typically requires a lot of travel, as the representatives must go from store to store or even from event to event throughout the world. They are considered experts of the company and product and tend to answer many questions while improving sales and acquiring new business contacts. A retail field representative may also be called upon if there is an ongoing problem in a particular store, so he can assess the issues and improve that location’s sales.


A field service representative working for phone companies, medical suppliers, and power companies generally provides light customer service and education, but her duties are usually more technical. These representatives are typically testing new products or services, fixing problems with current products, or consulting field engineers in order to find new ways of making things run more efficiently. Sometimes a field service representative in this industry may also be asked to educate new employees, classes, or even customers on some of the more technical aspects of her service or product.

In the real estate industry, a field representative is slightly different than in most other industries. A real estate representative generally inspects homes or land before or as they are going on sale on behalf of real estate companies. He may provide feedback on the property based on guidelines supplied to assess the home’s value. Many times, this is to help his company decide whether or not a home is a good investment. Homes with structural damage or anything which may cost too much for the company to fix will generally be passed over. The end result asked of the field representative is that he save his company time and money.

A field service representative is very important to most companies. Though her job description may vary depending on the industry, the end result is still to help the company make more money while improving its efficiency. Most of these positions require a technical background, a bachelor’s degree, and experience in the particular industry desired.


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Knowledge of the actual product or company is acquired through in-house training.

However, a retail field representative will often have a degree in marketing or business, human resources or communications. They need to be familiar with employee training, as well as the best way to promote and sell a product.

Other field service representatives need a degree that provides the technical knowledge to use and demonstrate the use of medical and other specialty equipment.

In addition, real estate field representatives need real estate and business-related degrees to assess potential sale price and investment issues.

Post 1

Why do field service representative positions require a degree? It seems like a job that is product-specific and can be done following extensive company training.

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