What Does a Field Application Engineer Do?

Andrew Kirmayer

Often employed by a technology company, a field application engineer can work with various departments in a firm and with outside customers. The job typically requires expert knowledge of the product, from development and troubleshooting to the overall sales strategy. Project management is usually a significant part of this role, as well as the ability to present details about each phase of a project to individual associates and a conference team. Demands of this type of job typically include a solid understanding of the engineering side of a product and how to communicate its benefits to outsiders.

Some field application engineers may work primarily with computer numerical controlled industrial machinery.
Some field application engineers may work primarily with computer numerical controlled industrial machinery.

A field application engineer can work for various types of technology companies, including businesses that develop electronics products. The job is often held at a power products company, communications firm, as well as with an electronics distributor. Duties include managing the engineering requirements for a system in production. They often involve coordinating with departments involved in production, along with marketing teams. Assistance with product testing and its scheduling can also be a responsibility.

Market analysis is often part of a field application engineer job description. Determining what the trends are usually help to decide what features are included in a new product. These details and others related to the new system are often communicated to high-level sales professionals in the company as well as sales managers that work at the regional level. The collaborative work can serve to build customer accounts, and develop sales and marketing strategies. Generally, communication between sales people, distributors, and customers is essential.

Knowledge in electronic design and industrial product development is usually important for a field application engineer. Mechanical skills can also come in handy. Engineers should also be familiar with computers, and often have to work with design software. They may work regularly with interfaces that foster a link between users and sophisticated electronic and mechanical systems.

A technical background and college or university education are usually among the requirements of someone in this position. Several years of experience in the particular field one is aiming to work in may be needed as well. Most of these jobs also express that the applicant has experience developing and marketing the type of product being sold. It’s also common for the job to have specific demands for travel time. Despite the firm level of knowledge and skill to get the job, a field application engineer must often learn new skills and take on duties that are unfamiliar.

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