What does a Fashion Writer do?

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The job description for a fashion writer encompasses many qualifications, skills and tasks. These writers provide editorial content for print and electronic media such as magazines, newspapers, trade journals, television shows and websites. They might also be required to attend fashion shows in cities all over the world, to visit the offices and production facilities of fashion designers, to meet with public relations agencies, to conduct interviews with designers and models, to meet with fashion merchandisers and buyers, to visit modeling agencies, to attend trade shows and to participate in fashion shoots. They might also research fashion trends and maintain up-to-the-minute news and information on the constantly changing fashion market. A fashion writer also must maintain an extensive database of contacts within the fashion industry.

A fashion writer might work as a corporate employee for a magazine, a newspaper, a trade journal, a website, a public relations firm or a television show or as an in-house writer for a fashion designer. He or she also might work as freelancer who sells articles to various publishing venues. In some cases, a writer might team up with a photographer or videographer to develop feature articles and conduct interviews with designers, models, magazine editors and other fashion industry professionals. The writer then must market the stories to editors and producers in the appropriate fashion media venues.


To work in a corporate position, a fashion writer might be required to have a bachelor's degree or masters degree in fashion journalism, design, marketing, or merchandising. Degrees in fashion are offered by fashion academies, art institutes, design colleges and vocational schools. A person in this position also must be familiar with textiles and accessories; fashion design terminology, such as the names of various garment styles and construction methods; and fashion designers, both historical and contemporary.

A position as a fashion writer might also require previous experience in the fashion industry and a portfolio of writing samples. To gain this experience, many writers work part-time in a related field while going to school. Many also participate in an internship program with a corporation in the fashion industry.


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Post 3

I've always had an interest in fashion writing and know quite a few people that know how to play the fab fashion game and play it well. My close friend is presently reviewing products for our local paper and you would be surprised at the great items she gets for free.

My friend recently did an article reviewing fashion handbags and she got several courtesy bags to review. A perk of the job is being able to keep the nifty swag that comes your way. It seems to me that if you want to be a writing fashion star you need to be good at networking. Get in touch with the media departments of the products you want to review. You can make good relationships and get great samples to boot.

Post 2

@manykitties2 - If your sister has a quality fashion blog that is popular she might be able to apply for a more mainstream publication without having to complete a journalism, fashion or fashion design program. My brother works as a journalist and while education is important what really counts is having good samples to show you can write. This is doubly true in niche writing.

From what I can tell, most publications just want people who can write and write well. Having a popular blog isn't an easy task. Your sister may want to consider approaching some more popular sites and seeing if she can have some guest articles or something similar.

Post 1

My sister is really big into everything fashion is about. She keeps up to date on fashion news and actually has her own popular fashion blog. It seems that in the world of fashion you can get a good following as a writer even if you aren't professionally trained or working for a popular organization.

The thing is that my sister really wants to get a paid position for her writing, as currently she makes all of her cash off of advertising sales on her blog.

What is the easiest way to get hired as a fashion writer for a publication, online or off? Do you always need an education in journalism?

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