What Does a Fashion Coordinator Do?

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A fashion coordinator must have a sense of style, marketing expertise, an awareness of the various styles, knowledge of what motivates consumers to buy, and a keen awareness of the latest fashion trends. Most fashion coordinators prepare a specific set or style of clothing for fashion events, including model photo shoots, stage or television shows, high-end department stores, fashion runway shows, and other fashion-related promotional events. One of the most important parts of being a successful fashion coordinator is accessorizing outfits. A fashion coordinator typically works for a fashion magazine, stage or television production company, or as freelance consultant, hired and paid for each job. Due to the nature of this work, most of these positions are found in larger metropolitan areas.

A basic duty of a fashion coordinator is to keep a watchful eye on the ever changing fashion trends. The fashion industry is often on the cutting edge and typically creates or promotes its own trends. Fashion coordinators must make certain that their fashion sense keeps pace with the many new directions in which the fashion industry may move or develop. For example, if purple calfskin belts are being worn by several celebrities in Hollywood, a fashion coordinator may sense this as the start of a fashion trend.


Fashion coordinators must also be very aware of the target market. An advertising layout or catalog may be selling the latest fashion trends to young women and the director may want to communicate a consistent style or look throughout the entire catalog. Fashion coordinators make sure that all the proper accessories, jewelry, make-up, bags, shoes and any other relevant items fit with that consistent look or feel. A good sense or "eye" for fashion is critical in creating and maintaining a specific fashion look for these types of jobs.

Attention to detail is also an important factor in this job. When a fashion coordinator is called upon to stage a fashion event, knowing which models have just the right look and hiring them for the event is important. Fashion coordinators should have an extensive network that provides access to many different types of models. Other important job duties include designing the look of the event, staging the event, and conducting rehearsals.

Fashion coordinators also work with certain other types of media, like television production facilities and motion picture companies, to make clothing and wardrobe selections for on-air personalities, like newscasters. With on-air personalities, a fashion coordinator ensures a particular on-air persona is created and maintained. In motion pictures, it may be important for actors to be wearing clothing specific to a particular time in history. Fashion coordinators will work to ensure the right clothing is available to depict that period.


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Good question, Glasis. The best way to begin a career in fashion is to study the latest trends through fashion magazines, runway shows and other fashion photography.

Also, many trade schools geared toward arts education offer concentrations for fashion design and marketing.

Getting an internship or job shadowing experience with a designer, buyer or modeling agency can also be a big help. Like most high profile jobs, who you know in the fashion industry may be just as important as what you know.

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What is the best way for someone interested in pursuing a career in fashion to get started?

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