What Does a Facilities Technician Do?

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A facilities technician, also known as a maintenance technician, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of a building, building complex, or other similar facility as well as any related equipment, property, machinery, or systems that may be a part of that facility. Training for this position may be available from a community college or from some other training facility, like a vocational school or technical college. One of the primary responsibilities of a facilities technician is serving as the primary contact for any outside personnel, contractors, or vendors who provide services for any part of a facility. The ability to troubleshoot mechanical equipment and understand preventive maintenance procedures along with some experience in related technical fields is also important for those serving as facilities technicians.

Although some employers may require that a facilities technician have an associate's degree in project or facilities management, a certificate from a qualified trade, vocational, or technical school may also provide sufficient training for this job. Some facilities technicians have a high school diploma and have received their training while working in a formal apprenticeship. Most have developed their skills and abilities related to facilities management, vendor relationships, and building maintenance through many years of on-the-job experience. Most technicians have an understanding of repair processes and a basic knowledge of the mechanical processes associated with particular types of facilities. The ability to read and comprehend blueprints and other schematics or technical diagrams is essential to this job.


Facilities technicians must coordinate with vendors, service providers, and other personnel who work on the many systems that are part of any building or facility. Some of these systems include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and fire safety systems. A maintenance technician must serve as liaison between these service providers and the official inspectors for local and state government who ensure that all these systems are functioning properly and within prescribed safety parameters. As the primary contact with all outside service and contract providers, a facilities technician must have the ability to communicate effectively and work with many different types of service providers and contractors. Monitoring and inspecting the actual work completed by these service providers is also an essential part of this job.

Preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs are a big part of this job. Some facilities technicians may also have additional experience in other areas like electrical, plumbing or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. A facilities technician may also be familiar with the installation of various types of equipment. Many of the duties of a maintenance technician can be physically demanding and require moving heavy items, accessing ladders to reach equipment, and working in small, cramped areas for extended periods of time.


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