What Does a Dump Truck Trainee Do?

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A dump truck trainee rides along with a qualified dump truck driver and learns the proper method of driving and operating a dump truck. When loading, the dump truck trainee watches to make sure the load is put into the truck evenly. Tarping the dump truck once it is loaded is also often left to the trainee. Once the truck has arrived at the dumping site, there are several things that must be done, such as checking for obstructions, hazards and power lines. A dump truck trainee is typically required to complete classroom training as well as many hours riding with a qualified instructor/trainer driver before being allowed to drive a dump truck solo.

One of the first things a dump truck trainee typically does is read a manual of company policies concerning dump truck drivers. Some companies will ask the driver to complete an exam regardless of whether or not the trainee has graduated from a driving school or course. Once satisfied as to the trainee's abilities, the trainee is assigned to a qualified training driver. Learning the preoperative check is the first of several tasks the dump truck trainee will be taught. From the first meeting with the training driver, the trainee is typically responsible for maintaining and checking the dump truck.


It is common for the trainee driver to map out all deliveries, making sure to avoid low overpasses, weight-restricted roads and other road hazards that might exist along the route. While en route to a location, the trainer will often ask the trainee questions as to how things should be done. Much of the training depends on repetitive actions becoming second nature to the trainee. Much of the critical training occurs once the dump truck pulls into the dump location.

Some of the most important training for any dump truck trainee concerns entering a busy dump site. There are several potential dangers at any given site and the dump truck trainee must always be sure to check for every one, every time. Overhead power lines are of great importance due to the height of the dump truck and the increasing height as the dump box raises to unload the product. Many drivers as well as people on the ground have been killed due to a dump truck becoming entangled in power lines. Ground obstacles are another danger facing the dump truck trainee with drain fields, sidewalks and other fragile objects being obstacles to avoid.


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