What does a Drug Possession Lawyer do?

Felicia Dye

Lawyers tend to specialize in certain areas of law. A drug possession lawyer is a type of criminal defense attorney who concentrates on cases in which people have been charged with violating such laws as unauthorized possession of illicit substances or the intent to distribute illegal drugs. The ultimate goal of both the attorney and his clients is usually to get the case dismissed or to prove the accused are innocent. When this is not possible, the attorney should attempt to provide a strong defense, fight for lenient penalties, and sometimes negotiate plea bargains.

Law enforcement officers are cracking down on both drug users and dealers.
Law enforcement officers are cracking down on both drug users and dealers.

A drug possession lawyer may specialize in cases involving a specific type of drug or a certain type of drug charge, but generally this type of attorney will take any case involving controlled substances. This includes not only those in which individuals are accused of having drugs on their person or property, but also cases in which individuals are accused of selling the substances or conspiring to do so.

Drug possession lawyers must understand the ins and outs of the drug trade, including the sale and manufacturing of drugs.
Drug possession lawyers must understand the ins and outs of the drug trade, including the sale and manufacturing of drugs.

The ultimate goal of the defendant may be to employ the drug possession lawyer to either have the case dismissed or to prove that he is innocent. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved. To begin with, an experienced drug possession attorney is usually well-acquainted with the requirements upon and the tactics used by law enforcement in the jurisdiction where he serves. The legal professional will usually closely analyze the means in which the case was investigated, the arrest was made, and the evidence was gathered. Any failures to adhere to procedures or violations of the defendant’s rights are then used in attempts to weaken, if not destroy, the prosecution’s case.

Despite the skill of the drug possession lawyer, it is not always possible to prevent conviction. In these instances an attorney can still play a number of useful roles. Effective plea bargaining, for example, generally requires a legal professional. Individuals are not as likely to be able to negotiate deals in their best interests.

During the trial, if the case proceeds that far, a drug possession lawyer will use his skill and expertise to provide a strong defense for his clients. This means preparing the defendant for all proceedings. It also means having a strategy to combat the one employed by the prosecution. To accomplish this, the lawyer generally needs to display a high level of skill with regard to tasks such as selecting the appropriate witnesses and cross-examination.

If an individual is convicted of a crime, the drug possession lawyer normally continues to work on his behalf, at least until after the sentencing. The attorney should develop the necessary arguments to help his client receive the most lenient penalties. If it appears that the conviction was unfair, the attorney may represent his client throughout the appeals process.

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@Soulfox -- I would agree with you if I didn't think everyone deserved a fair defense and all people are capable of being reformed. I am not a fan of drug dealers, but I know that criminals are often people who have just made a mistake and are in need of being corrected.

If you've got a scared, 18-year-old kid who has been caught dealing drugs, is society better off if he is shown a little leniency or if he is slapped in prison for years? I'd rather see the fellow reformed, frankly.


How can you find the best drug possession lawyer? Look for the attorney with the pony tail.

Seriously, I do not care a bit for possession attorneys. They are the ones who make a career out of floating people who are dealing in drugs and harming their local communities. Phooey on the lot of them.

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