What does a Domestic Electrician do?

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Every home is connected to a power source, allowing its inhabitants to use devices such as lights, appliances, hot water heaters, and computers. In order for this to happen, wires must be run through the home’s walls to connect outlets to a breaker box, and the breaker box to an outside power source. It is the job of a domestic electrician to run the wires through the home, install the breaker box, and make sure everything is ready for the power company to connect the home to the main electrical lines outside. A domestic electrician is someone who is trained to handle all electrical wiring and connections in a residential setting.

The domestic electrician must be proficient in running lines through the walls, attic, or under the house during construction. It is also important for him to understand different kinds of wires that may be used, because different appliances require different wire sizes for proper functioning. If the wrong wire is used, it could result in overloaded circuits, malfunctioning appliances, or even cause a fire.


Another common job assigned to a domestic electrician is the upgrading of wires and breaker boxes in older homes. Houses built before dryers, computers, and televisions were common are not always wired to handle such a large amount of electricity being used at once. For this reason, they often require box upgrades so a higher wattage of power can be used without overloading the breaker. Sometimes in very old homes, the wires themselves will become worn and must be replaced to prevent malfunctions in service, or even worse, house fires.

In some cases, a homeowner will need help installing light fixtures, appliances, and ceiling fans. A domestic electrician may be called for these small jobs to ensure that things are done correctly. Some domestic electricians also specialize in repairing large home appliances and fixtures.

In order for someone to become a domestic electrician, he usually is required to complete schooling or an apprenticeship under someone who is already working as a licensed electrician. The amount of time this training period will last depends on location and experience level when getting started. Training should teach electrical theory, code requirements, and safety, among other skills.

Many residential electricians have construction backgrounds, and this is useful when learning the electrical trade. Often, electricians will need to cut through walls or boards to reach wires, nail or screw outlet boxes to wall studs, and perform other small carpentry-related tasks. They are also required to work closely with other builders and subcontractors during the course of building a new home or renovating an older one. For this reason, it is important for them to understand each person’s job responsibilities so working side by side is easier for everyone.


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