What does a Document Control Coordinator do?

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A document control coordinator is responsible for any type of documentation that a company might use to conduct business operations. This usually includes pictures and diagrams, computer records, and written paperwork. This coordinator may set up a documentation system and will usually be in charge of managing and controlling it. He may also be responsible for creating procedures for using the system and will likely help others to use procedures effectively. The document control coordinator is vital to the success of production departments, as he is responsible for helping to track changes and improvements to projects.

The types of documents a coordinator will need to track and store will vary from industry to industry. Depending upon the type of business he works in, a document control coordinator will develop and implement a system for storing and retrieving any documentation necessary. He may collect and track paper files, artwork, and blueprints. He might also be responsible for controlling invoicing and other paperwork that relates to a specific project within the company. The system might be company-wide, in which case the coordinator will have several different departments involved depending upon the documentation type.


In any business project that involves record keeping, several departments and employees will be involved in creating and distributing information. The document control coordinator will manage any effort to collect and control this mass of information and any accompanying paperwork or computer files. This will make effective communication with other departments and outside organizations a vital role for anyone in this occupation.

The documents that the coordinator must oversee could be from internal company departments or from outside contractors and customers. He must often verify information with several different supervisors to ensure that documentation is accurate, and he may be in charge of preparing and distributing copies of documents to inside and outside departments. The document control coordinator will be tasked with tracking changes in the modeling and building of products, and the storing and retrieval of documents for assessment and review. Additionally, he may be responsible for presenting document control information to management and customers.

The typical day of a document control coordinator will likely be spent organizing, cataloguing, and tracking paper and electronic files. He will spend time coordinating with others within his own company, as well as those from outside organizations. He may spend parts of his day supervising and training others on document control policies and procedures.


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