What does a Director of Facilities do?

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A director of facilities is responsible for the maintenance and smooth operation of buildings utilized by an organization. This job is generally categorized as administrative in nature. This type of director is in charge of supervising any functions within a company that have a direct effect on how a building is used for business functions.

One major duty of a director of facilities is to oversee the upkeep of a physical building used by employees. In many cases, she may be responsible for several different geographical locations. This maintenance of a building may include landscaping, machine and equipment repair, physical organization of employee work spaces, building construction, and supplies.

In small companies, this position might be referred to as an office manager, and may or may not include direct reports. In larger companies, at which a director is needed to supervise larger operations, a facilities director often supervises a fairly large staff which may include human resources personnel, building repairmen, administrative positions, mail room staff, and storage and document handlers. Additionally, a director may need to hire and direct outside contractors for appliance repair and supply fulfillment. Some organizations hire a director who has specialized skills for a particular industry. This enables the director to handle on-site repair and maintenance of equipment, or assist specific employees with job duties relating to the operation of the facility.


A director of facilities is often in charge of organizing the offices, furniture, and cubicles that employees use for their work. A director may be responsible for buying furniture and arranging for it to be moved to a certain location. An important aspect of this job is being able to efficiently utilize space and plan for employee work space relocation. Occasionally, a facilities director must also give input to management and help to plan the construction of a building or office space.

A budget for specific facility departments is usually under the control of the director of facilities. She must estimate, plan for, and calculate the budget for each department under her purview. This may include operation costs such as heating and cooling, equipment purchasing, computer updating and maintenance, building repair and service payments, employee salaries, and office supply expenditures.

Another important aspect of facilities maintenance is the communication and evaluation of an organization's adherence to governmental safety requirements. While a director may employee someone on staff to handle safety regulations, she is ultimately responsible for ensuring the organization's compliance. At some companies, a director of facilities may be in charge of submitting accident documentation, developing emergency evacuation procedures, and training employees on safety measures.


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