What Does a Digital Coordinator Do?

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A digital coordinator is a person who administers digital projects for a company or enterprise. These professionals often focus on a range of tasks related to digital projects or products. These include product development, quality assurance, re-engineering, sales and marketing. The types of projects that digital coordinators deal with vary, from web sites, to digital products, or digital platforms for services. The specific role vis a vis these projects also varies, where the digital coordinator may be more of an administrator, or deeply involved in B2C operations and sales outreach.

In some cases, digital coordinators have a more restricted role, where in other companies, this individual is in more of a “catch-all” position. Generally, the digital coordinator may work closely with the CEO or business leadership, or may be assigned to network with the sales and marketing departments. Project management is a large part of the responsibility for many digital coordinator roles. Some of these professionals may also be extremely involved in sales presentations or other aspects of public relations.

Along with all of the above, a digital coordinator may be assigned to network between various departments. Another common task for these individuals is the training of other employees on existing digital products or platforms. Many of those with digital coordinator jobs may be assigned to provide in-depth corporate training, or to elicit feedback from departments involved in development or production.


Many digital coordinators are also tech-savvy individuals whose roles include consulting on digital platforms. These individuals may provide technical input to engineering departments. In some cases, they may be asked to work on digital products or platforms, even providing programming input and utilizing technical skills related to the resources used to build web sites, products or platforms.

A digital coordinator is often a key resource to the employer. These individuals might say that they “wear many hats,” especially in a smaller business, or one with a less robust tech department. A digital coordinator often has administrative work that he or she needs to pursue, while also offering insight into the digital projects in that person’s jurisdiction. All of this contributes to versatility, effectiveness, and high design for digital initiatives, whether these are products that are directly offered to clients, or internal resources like database-driven web site tools.


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