What Does a Deputy Superintendent Do?

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A deputy superintendent is a job position within a school system which mainly entails assisting a superintendent. In most cases, these individuals supervise multiple schools within a school district. While the number of schools that a deputy superintendent monitors can differ depending on the size and population of a school district, his job duties are basically the same. These include aiding the superintendent, supervising subordinates, evaluating school performance, holding staff meetings and monitoring the district budget.

One of the most fundamental job duties of the assistant superintendent is aiding the primary superintendent of a school district. This means that the deputy superintendent might help with hiring and scheduling principals or teachers for various schools. He may also develop a school's curriculum and work as a liaison between the primary superintendent and principals. Consequently, this position requires an individual with effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Another responsibility is continually supervising subordinates and ensuring that all staff members are performing adequately. For example, he may conduct periodic evaluations of the principals within his school district. In order to ensure that students receive a quality education and all policies are being followed, the assistant superintendent must consistently monitor school principals. This practice is often done by implementing surveys and noting principals' complaints.


Along with this, he will regularly evaluate the overall performance of schools within his district. In order to ensure that all schools are following regulations and standards, the deputy superintendent will keep tabs on each school. This means that he may analyze the performance of the students that each teacher instructs and look for grade patterns. If he notices trends of low performance from a school, he will address the issue and work to optimize performance.

Holding routine staff meetings is also an important responsibility of an assistant superintendent. With multiple schools in a district, it's critical to keep principals and school staff on the same page. Consequently, the deputy superintendent may discuss information like changes in school policy, budget issues and district goals with staff members. This practice allows staff from different schools to collaborate and improve the performance of the district as a whole.

An additional duty involves monitoring the school district's budget. In order to prevent overspending and stay on track financially, it's vital for the deputy superintendent to keep up with income and expenses. Consequently, he may prepare fiscal graphs and analyze the data. Afterward, he will typically share his findings with the superintendent and make budget changes if necessary.


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