What does a Delivery Driver do?

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A delivery driver generally picks up merchandise from one location and delivers it to a specified destination. Delivery driver duties often vary from one position to another, and in some positions, drivers are required to handle other responsibilities in addition to making deliveries. Some companies require drivers to use their own vehicles and keep them well-maintained as well. Other employers supply company-owned vehicles for delivery-related tasks.

In many cases, delivery drivers are responsible for pulling items from stock rooms, loading them into delivery vehicles and driving the goods to the intended destination. Drivers need to possess a valid driver’s license, and if driving large trucks is part of the job, a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is usually needed. Many delivery driver job postings also emphasize the importance of a clean driving record, as employers generally want to be sure the applicant will make deliveries in a safe and timely manner.

The specific job requirements for a delivery driver vary based on the employer. A driver who delivers pizza to private homes and businesses might also be trained, in some cases, to take restaurant phone orders or even to prepare the pizza. A delivery driver employed by a furniture store is usually solely responsible for loading items and delivering them safely and on time. In the case of handling heavy merchandise, a common job requirement is the ability to lift a specific amount of weight.


Some delivery driver jobs carry a great deal of responsibility. Drivers may be asked to obtain client signatures and keep track of important paperwork. In these cases, employers want to be certain the driver is responsible and reliable. In some delivery jobs, the handling of toxic substances generally requires additional training or certification. For critical delivery jobs, most employers will conduct background checks to ensure an applicant has a clean driving record and is free of criminal offenses.

Delivery drivers also need to have a good sense of direction and an ability to read maps. Most delivery drivers use trucks, vans or cars to deliver goods. In some high-traffic situations, motorcycle drivers are hired to navigate busy streets to deliver small items, such as corporate papers.

Job postings for delivery drivers usually specify whether or not the job requires the use of a personal vehicle. If driving a company-owned vehicle, the driver might have to keep track of oil changes, brake checks and tire changes. When using a personal vehicle, a delivery driver usually has to show proof of car insurance and keep his or her car in good working condition.


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