What does a Day Care Manager do?

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A day care manager oversees the daily functioning of a child or adult daycare facility. He or she must organize and maintain the facility in keeping with laws and government regulations pertaining to running day cares. Providing safe, quality care and healthy activities while also supervising as well as delegating tasks to staff are typically the main duties of a day care manager.

The children in a day care are usually there because the parents are working during the day. A child may need before and after school care only or require care for the entire day. Adult daycare hours may include evening as well as some daytime hours. Typically, adult daycare facilities are designed for elderly people with health problems; these facilities provide much-needed breaks for full-time caregivers, allowing them to run errands, tend to some other type of work or simply relax for a bit. Either type of day care manager must be sure to meet the needs of all of the adults or children they look after.


Both child and adult types of day care managers have the responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of persons being looked after in their facility. Day care managers must closely monitor staff, as they are the ones who carry the responsibility to provide a high-quality service in a community. Whether the day care is for children or adults, it's up to a daycare manager to not only ensure a safe environment, but also one with enriching activities.

Crafts, games, books and puzzles are common activities available at both child and adult day cares. A day care manager must choose activities that fit the interests and ages of those in their facility. Field trips to plays, sports events or museums once in a while may be available in a day care if the manager can make satisfactory arrangements for the outing.

A day care manager also has a number of administrative responsibilities as well. He or she must keep detailed records of payments received and owed as well as issue receipts. Supply purchases, including books, craft supplies, furniture and snack and lunch items, typically fall to the manager as well. Additionally, they must keep track of any allergies and other medical information as well as emergency contact numbers for every child or adult in their care. Day care managers must also keep in close communication with the person who placed the adult or child in the daycare.


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Post 2

I taught a day care class for a summer, and I never was so glad to be through with a job in my life! I loved being with the children, but the administration politics were awful! The manager was always into it with the owner, or one of the teachers, and especially, with the dietician, since we served a hot lunch every day. It was never ending.

When I left, I told the manager she was going to have a hard time getting replacements because of the politics. She didn't believe me, but she did later on, when she couldn't hire people.

Post 1

A friend of mine was lucky when she was a day care manager. They had a receptionist/secretary/bookkeeper who took care of all the financials. All she had to do was turn in any receipts.

They also had a registered nurse on staff for medical care. The RN took care of allergy issues. She said that was good because some kids seemed to develop new allergies once a week.

If a day care manager has good staff, then the role becomes mostly supervisory. She said the main thing was dealing with overprotective parents. Fortunately, when those kinds of issues cropped up, she could always call the owner, who could then usually take care of the problem.

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