What does a Data Security Manager do?

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The data security manager is responsible for the oversight of business applications where sensitive data is stored or transmitted. His job is to protect the personal information of both employees and customers by implementing and maintaining necessary internal security functions. This individual acts as a consultant on all business processes that require security features.

This job calls for the documentation of security policies and procedures to make sure they meet industry standards. The data security manager provides training to employees on how to properly use security functions to protect their private data. He makes sure that special security clearance is given to the correct individuals and that the appropriate privileges have been granted. This person facilitates internal meetings to promote good security practices and to offer updates on security enhancements.

The data security manager is tasked with performing assessments on security risks to the company. He audits all security functions and produces reports offering suggestions or comments. This employee is in frequent contact with higher-level managers in the company. As new threats emerge, this person is constantly offering new solutions and recommendations for necessary tweaks to the security systems.


This individual is typically the person to tailor specific security policies for the company and ensure that they are carried out. Departments installing new data systems are usually required to contact the data security manager with their plan on maintaining security within the new system. The security manager will consult with the department on the installation and implementation of the new system so that data remains secured. He is also responsible for preparing the company for a significant security breach by establishing procedures and guidelines for handling such a situation.

The position of data security manager often requires someone knowledgeable in both electronic and physical security functions. He must understand how to secure internal networks from hackers and viruses. Designing and managing an effective system of firewalls is an essential task for this employee. Making sure all pertinent data is encrypted across the network and is made available only to authorized persons is another important job of the security manager. In addition, he must be able to install, manage, and maintain physical security measures, such as key card and fingerprint authorizations systems.

The data security manager keeps daily inventory of new security threats to internal networks and data systems. He checks to ensure that software is updated and patched to fix all security holes. This individual must have the ability to establish working relationships with all employees and answer internal security questions. The safety and security of the entire organization is in the hands of this individual.


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