What Does a Data Center Technician Do?

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A data center technician is considered to be part of an organization’s support team. The technician provides support in many areas of data center operations. In many cases, a technician’s primary focus is on maintaining continuous operation of the equipment. In such a scenario, the technician’s responsibilities would include troubleshooting equipment failures, configuring new equipment and monitoring the operations to ensure that proper performance levels are sustained. With some organizations, his or her job description includes interacting with customers to resolve problems.

Technicians who are involved primarily with a center’s operations will most often be working directly with the equipment. For this type of position, the data center technician's duties might involve installing new servers or other networking components. The technician also might be called upon to upgrade the operating system and software of existing servers. Installing new equipment might require the technician to run new cable, as well.

Along with installing new equipment, there are companies in which the data center technician is responsible for identifying equipment needs. In such cases, the technician must be aware of the layout and configuration of existing equipment. He or she also should be knowledgeable about the organization’s plans and potential for growth.


Additional responsibilities for a data center technician involve creating reports and updating records and files. Some organizations require their technicians to evaluate and document critical data regarding the system’s performance. A technician also might be responsible for recording information to identify new equipment that is installed. When new components are added to an existing center, the technician is often obliged to update the network topology diagram.

A data center technician who works in the area of customer support and service generally responds to calls for assistance from end users of a company’s products. These types of technicians are involved with diagnosing problems and aiding the customer in resolving any issues. The technician should have knowledge of standard ticket-handling procedures to escalate a ticket upstream when appropriate. Additional requirements for this profession include good communication skills and the ability to deal with upset — and sometimes irate — customers.

As with most professionals, data center technicians should be adept at getting along with co-workers and working as parts of teams. In many data centers, these technicians work with a minimal amount of direct supervision. These individuals should be motivated and organized, and they should have the ability to quickly prioritize tasks. Technicians also should strive to enhance and optimize the efficiency of the centers operation.


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