What does a Croupier do?

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A croupier works in a casino. All of his or her duties involve operating the casino games for customers. No formal education is required for croupiers, but some casinos give job applicants a math test to determine their numerical ability. Croupiers are expected to be able to easily figure out game odds as well as calculate winner's payments. A croupier monitors and collects gambling bets as well as announces the winning bet and pays each winner.

An important part of a croupier's responsibilities is to observe customers to make sure the casino's rules are being followed at all times. Croupiers explain rules to customers and keep their own attention focused on how the games are being played. Spinning the roulette game wheel, dealing cards for different games and placing poker chips on the table when needed are other tasks croupiers do.

A croupier usually wears a fairly elegant uniform of dress clothes supplied by the casino. Croupiers typically work in shifts. They are often scheduled to have breaks every few hours since croupiers spend most of their work time standing and focusing on casino games. A croupier must always be aware of customer behavior at the game tables while figuring out game odds and winner payouts.


When a croupier starts his or her work shift, he or she typically reports to the supervisor or pit boss. The pit boss is the manager of the gaming tables and supervisors report to this person. At the beginning of each shift, croupiers are each assigned a table by the supervisor or pit boss.

Roulette, blackjack and poker are typical casino games that croupiers monitor for customers. The more games a croupier learns, the more income he or she can make. New croupiers undergo a paid training period in which they learn basic casino games. They gradually increase their knowledge of different gambling games as they gain more experience on the job.

Croupiers meet people from all over the world. It can be exciting when customers win at the casino games. Sometimes a croupier's job is more difficult, such as when customers, possibly drunk, lose games and insult him or her. Croupiers must have good problem-solving skills and an ability to stay calm under pressure.


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