What Does a Corporate Videographer Do?

A. Leverkuhn

A corporate videographer pursues many duties related to video documentation for a range of goals related to the business operations of an employer. These professionals often do video work for both internal and customer-facing elements of a business. The specific role of the corporate videographer changes according to the needs of the particular business, but the professional is usually the point person for capturing video when it benefits the employer.

A corporate videographer often does video work for both internal and customer-facing elements of a business.
A corporate videographer often does video work for both internal and customer-facing elements of a business.

One main role for some corporate videographers is recording meetings and internal conferences. The video professional may also use a range of A/V tools to get good video and audio recordings. These services can be instrumental for good record-keeping within a corporation, or for other uses like videoconferencing. Videoconferencing troubleshooting is an example of something that might be an auxiliary task for a videographer who otherwise spends most of his or her time producing edited video for an employer.

In some e-commerce businesses, the corporate videographer is responsible for creating video content that will suit an online e-commerce catalog. Many e-commerce projects include short videos on consumer products or other retail topics. The corporate videographer may also be responsible for converting traditional video forms into embedded videos on web pages. This can include writing text tags for HTML or web meta tags as needed, or including short descriptions or captioning for videos.

Another main focus for some corporate videographers is related to public relations. These individuals may be responsible for shooting video of events that may be used to portray the employer in a positive light. For example, for businesses that have a social or non-profit component, the corporate videographer will often be asked to record community events that will give the employer good publicity. A corporate videographer may also record public events that are created by the employer for customer outreach or networking purposes. For example, it would not be uncommon for a videographer to ride along on an extended road tour put together by executives for the purpose of establishing a brand or product in specific communities.

In addition to recording and working with A/V equipment, the videographer may have additional job duties. These could include training for junior staff, arranging for shooting schedules, and casting for a range of company video projects. The videographer may also be a part of a general administrative department, answering phone calls or emails related to the job, or setting up connections with suppliers or clients as appropriate.

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