What does a Corporate Concierge do?

Cassie L. Damewood

A corporate concierge caters to the needs of business clientele much like a hotel concierge takes care of hotel guests. He normally helps staff employees as well as managers and executives in procuring services for business activities and personal enjoyment to enable them to concentrate on their work without the distractions of everyday living. A number of large companies have a corporate concierge on staff, although the majority of people in this position have their own companies or work as independent contractors.

A corporate concierge may be tasked with chartering helicopter flights to remote work sites.
A corporate concierge may be tasked with chartering helicopter flights to remote work sites.

Some of the services requested by his clients are fairly standard. These include finding good tickets to theater productions, concerts and sporting events, arranging limousine services and tours and making reservations at local restaurants. Other common needs filled by a corporate concierge include picking up dry cleaning, sending flowers to family members and associates and buying small gifts. Arranging business services such as photocopying or computer rentals is frequently requested by clients.

Corporate concierge are often tasked with arranging limousine transportation.
Corporate concierge are often tasked with arranging limousine transportation.

In some cases, unusual services are requested of a corporate concierge. These often include chartering jets, airplanes or helicopters, arranging hot air balloon trips or renting yachts. If the funds are available and authorized, a confident corporate concierge often prides himself in being able to fill almost any client need that is legal and feasible.

If he is under a long-term contract with a company, the concierge is normally required to arrange all company parties and corporate festivities as well. After meeting with key personnel to determine their wants and needs, the concierge typically hires the caterer, chooses a menu, arranges the entertainment and rents a venue. If gifts are required for an event, he is normally the person who purchases them and delivers them to the event, nicely wrapped and tagged.

Success in this position customarily requires excellent organizational skills. He typically serves several corporations at the same time, so his time management proficiency is vital to keep everyone satisfied. Since so many requests from different clients are similar, such as limousine service, his attention to detail is paramount to his success. Sending the correct size limo to take passengers to the correct airport or restaurant is normally of utmost importance to his clients.

Interpersonal communication skills are also an important asset for a corporate concierge. He frequently has to interact with people who are tired and cranky and attempt to turn their day into a good one. Patience, empathy and a good sense of humor are generally desirable attributes for a person with this job.

Although there are no strict educational requirements for this position, most corporate concierge companies prefer that their staff members have a bachelor’s degree. Good knowledge of the area served by the company is generally preferred of applicants, as are strong contacts in the hospitality and service industries. Work experience in public relations or customer service is often required for an aspiring corporate concierge.

A corporate concierge may charter jets.
A corporate concierge may charter jets.

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