What does a Copier Technician do?

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A copier technician provides service and support for copier machines. This work includes regular maintenance of copiers, along with troubleshooting and repairs for copiers that are not functioning properly. To become a copier technician, it is necessary to have a high school diploma at a minimum and ideally to hold a certificate from a technical school. Such certificates indicate that people have completed training and are familiar with copier electronics, including on-board computers.

Some copier technicians work in a warehouse or repair facility. Equipment is sent to the facility for maintenance and repairs. They inspect equipment, replace broken or damaged parts, confirm that the equipment is working properly, and send it back out. These copier technicians may work for copier manufacturers, as well as leasing companies that provide equipment to businesses of various sizes.

A copier technician can also work in field service. These copier technicians travel to the site of a copier to provide on-location service. Their work includes scheduled maintenance visits, as well as emergency visits, to address copier malfunctions. This type of work requires an ability to work under pressure and to work well with people, as a copier technician needs to be able to interact with people in an office while performing repairs and providing instruction in copier use.


Historically, copiers were primarily mechanical and copier technicians could often learn on the job. Today, the computers at the heart of sophisticated copier systems require technicians to be skilled not only with mechanical issues like feeder trays, but also to be familiar with copier software and diagnostic tools. A copier technician needs to be able to determine whether a problem lies in the mechanics or electronics of the copier for the purpose of addressing it and getting the copier working again.

Copier technicians also accompany copiers to their initial installations. These field technicians set up the copier and provide instruction to users so that they understand how to use the copier and how to get the best out of the equipment. Working as a copier technician on installs requires excellent communications skills; failure to provide appropriate instruction can result in repeated visits to repair the copier after misuse.

The hours for a copier technician can be long, as many companies promise rapid turnaround for their clients. Copier technicians are eligible for overtime for their extra hours, but some people find the long hours a hardship, especially if they are working in the field and logging a lot of time in the car.


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Post 3

@Terrificli -- that is exactly what it is important to do some research before buying a copier. A lot of companies simply choose to lease copiers from a local company that also provides a service contract. Some companies are great about service while others are ridiculously slow.

Good service can make the difference between getting a copier fixed in time to meet a deadline and missing one because the blasted machine won't work. Next time around, get a service contract with a company that has a reputation for taking care of things quickly.

Sometimes that company can be found through the process of elimination. People are quick to cuss a company that doesn't take care of problems in a hurry but rarely praise the ones that are fast and reliable.

Post 2

What does a copier technician do? He shows up in my office hours after I've made a service call. That's too late to deal with my immediate problem. I'm not sure if I have a bad service company or just a rotten copier.

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