What does a Construction Coordinator do?

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A construction coordinator is responsible for parts of the financial, planning, and implementation processes related to building construction. Also called a project coordinator, this type of construction worker must oversee parts of the building process, track expenditures, control the budget, and sometimes supervise scheduling. A building coordinator must also work closely with other workers on the construction site to troubleshoot and solve problems, reschedule around delays, and report financial and other miscellaneous information to immediate supervisors or clients.

One main component of a coordinator's job involves the estimating of project costs, the ordering of supplies, and completing financial paperwork. Often, a building coordinator of this type must organize bids, fill out order forms for materials, track expenses, and manage all aspects of the budget. Additionally, he is often responsible for hiring and paying contractors and other members of the construction crew. Tracking the budget, keeping accurate financial records, and reporting this information to superiors are vital functions for someone in this position.

Working with a variety of other building industry professionals is an important part of the construction coordinator job. He must coordinate with contractors from a wide variety of specialties including general construction, electrical, plumbing, and landscape. A building coordinator must also work closely with architects and engineers to bring a project from the planning phase to the creation stage. The main focus of a construction coordinator job is to oversee the fulfillment of a plan that was developed by someone else.


In smaller organizations, a construction coordinator might also be in charge of on-site work and assistance. Many organizations hire a building coordinator who has industry-specific knowledge so that he may help out with the actual physical labor needs at the work site. This is generally true with smaller companies or independent construction teams.

Construction jobs take many forms and a construction coordinator may work on projects ranging from government buildings, to individual resident homes, to industrial factories. The job requirements of each construction coordinator job are often different depending upon the size and scope of these projects. A building coordinator's job will often vary with each specific assignment.

A specific type of construction coordinator is a construction safety coordinator. A person in this job is responsible for doing inspections and evaluations to ensure that all personnel on a job site are following appropriate safety procedures. He must communicate health and safety standards to employees and managers. Additionally, a safety coordinator may report findings in writing, submit work site accident documentation, and conduct safety training for workers.


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Post 2

@indmenifyme - I know someone who works as a construction coordinator. It is a big job, but if you have the right qualifications it's not too difficult.

Granted, a random person off the street couldn't do the job very well. But for someone with a lot of experience in the industry, a construction coordinator job doesn't prove that much of a challenge. You just have to stay organized!

Post 1

There is a large new shopping center being built about 5 minutes from my apartment. I can't imagine being the person responsible for coordinating that effort!

I think construction safety jobs must be pretty difficult, too. Imagine being responsible for getting large group of people to comply with safety regulations. I assume a lot of people probably would because they don't want to get hurt. But then again, there are always people who think the rules don't apply to them. I imagine this type of person could make a construction safety coordinators job pretty difficult!

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