What Does a Configuration Engineer Do?

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Configuration engineers are individuals who make sure that their companies’ technology systems or products perform adequately and consistently throughout their lives. A person who wishes to become a configuration engineer needs to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in a major area such as computer science or engineering. These engineers have to create accurate product plans and manage design projects. They also are responsible for leading other staff members and keeping their knowledge of the industry as up-to-date as possible.

Configuration engineers produce designs of products that their companies wish to sell. They can work at businesses in a wide range of industries, from aircraft manufacturers to software companies. A configuration engineer uses manual drawing tools or computer-aided design programs to create drafts of how his or her company’s goods should look and operate. These drawings need to meet product specification standards and be detailed, and the products must be designed well enough to meet customer needs. Engineers in this career area also should have strong skills with computer programming particularly when dealing with software development, in which case their focus is on tracking and controlling changes in software products.


Another important responsibility of a professional in this field is to handle project management duties from beginning to end. For instance, a configuration engineer needs to participate in initial team meetings to help company officials to establish product goals that he or she then can incorporate into his or her design plans. He or she also must know how to solve technical problems as well as maintain project documents and review them for accuracy. This type of individual has to be skilled in writing reports, producing procedure manuals, and fielding questions from company executives and even the general public as necessary. As a result, strong verbal and written communication skills are invaluable in this job position.

Solid leadership skills also are important in this industry. Configuration engineers sometimes have to serve as supervisors who must create procedures and techniques for new assignments in this field. A configuration engineer additionally trains and coaches personnel on project standards.

Employers require professionals in this career area to stay well-versed on various technologies as well. For instance, a configuration engineer has to understand computer and website languages for developing innovative software products. He or she needs to take part in continuing education college classes and conference seminars hosted by professional industry associations to stay current on new developments in the regularly-evolving field.


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