What does a Computer Service Technician do?

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A computer service technician typically works, either privately or for another company, to repair and maintain different aspects of various computer hardware and software systems. This can include anything from installing and updating software on a computer, to setting up and installing hardware that will go with a computer. While minor computer networks and systems may also be installed or maintained by this type of technician, he or she will not typically be involved in setting up major network systems. A computer service technician may also be responsible for dealing with customer service and paperwork issues.

The primary duties of a computer service technician typically revolve around maintenance and installation of various computer systems and programs. This often includes both software and hardware related to a computer or system. Basic tasks can include installing and updating an operating system (OS) on a computer, troubleshooting any issues that may be occurring with hardware or software, and setting up and performing maintenance on devices like printers, modems, and computer cases.


A computer service technician can potentially find work for another company, often overseeing and handling software and hardware issues for an office or store location, or create his or her own business. This type of private operation typically runs as a repair store for computers and other devices, often providing service and maintenance for various computer issues. A computer service technician can also provide installation of software and hardware on a computer, as well as perform data recovery and troubleshooting of software issues for a customer.

Regardless of what type of work a computer service technician finds, he or she will likely have to handle customer service and paperwork as well. He or she usually needs to be able to communicate about software and hardware problems in a way that customers or coworkers can understand, and explain how those issues can be solved. Paperwork will usually involve service orders and requests for particular pieces or software programs, as well as receipts for customers and expense reports for companies.

The training necessary to become a computer service technician typically involves only two years of education after high school graduation or completion of a general educational development (GED) program. This education can be received at a college or university, and there are a number of technical schools that also provide programs to become a computer service technician. These programs often involve courses in electronics, computer maintenance and repair, and understanding how to troubleshoot common problems.


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