What Does a Compliance Coordinator Do?

Mary McMahon

A compliance coordinator works with an organization to help it meet regulatory obligations. Also called compliance specialists and consultants, these professionals usually have two to five years of experience in the industry. They are familiar with all relevant regulations, including planned and proposed policies that may impact the activities of their employers. Some industries where a compliance coordinator might work can include banking, health care, and education.

Hospital compliance coordinators work with doctors and other medical staff to ensure they work within HIPAA and other legal guidelines.
Hospital compliance coordinators work with doctors and other medical staff to ensure they work within HIPAA and other legal guidelines.

This member of a company’s personnel acts as a liaison between the company and regulatory agencies or inspectors. The compliance coordinator needs to be familiar with any regulations that apply to a company in order to provide assistance. On any given day, it may be necessary to meet with trainees in the company, regulators, and administrators who set and enforce policy within the organization. Good communication skills are important to make sure information is conveyed and fully understood.

Within the company, a compliance coordinator can help the firm set policies that will help it stay on track with compliance. Those in positions affected by legislation may need to meet to receive special education and training. This can be as simple as being given a manual with information, or it may require several days of training to confirm that the staff member is ready. In a medical office, for example, the compliance coordinator might discuss concerns like privacy with the secretarial staff. They may be asked to sign documentation indicating that they understand the nature of privacy regulations and are prepared to comply with them.

Regulators may periodically inspect a firm for signs of compliance, or ask for documentation from the compliance coordinator. Documents like employee manuals, forms, and copies of policies may be requested as part of a review of the company. The compliance coordinator provides all of this information, answers questions, and sets up meetings with staff and administrators if they are required. If problems are uncovered on a regulatory review, this member of the staff needs to develop an action plan to address them, and may need to work with other personnel to implement it.

An attention to detail is important for jobs in this field. Compliance coordinators need to stay on top of current and proposed legislation that may affect their employers. Many also keep up with various options they can use to meet regulatory requirements. New software products and training workshops, for example, can keep personnel on task and may facilitate the filing of required documents and declarations. There are also legal concerns for people in this position, as they may be liable if they give bad advice or behave negligently while being relied upon as a source of information.

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