What does a Community Outreach Coordinator do?

A community outreach coordinator utilizes his or her public relations skills to promote awareness, find volunteers, and organize events that benefit an organization. He or she works directly with members of the community to educate people and explain the importance of a particular cause. Most coordinators work for nonprofit groups that rely on the public's support to meet their goals. A professional may also be employed by a health-care agency, hospital, or a private company that is active in community affairs.

Depending on the nature of the organization, a community outreach coordinator may focus on a specific activity or offer a broad range of services. A coordinator for an environmental protection group, for example, might create informative pamphlets and articles that explain the state of a polluted river in the community. He or she can answer the public's questions about the problem and what can be done to fix it. The coordinator might organize a community-wide cleanup project and promote it through newspaper ads, social networking websites, and door-to-door campaigns.

A community outreach coordinator may also set up fundraiser events to encourage the public to support an organization. He or she may schedule a raffle drawing, golf tournament, family picnic, or another activity where people can enjoy themselves while helping out an important cause. It is important for a coordinator to be creative and determined when setting up fundraisers to make sure they will be successful.


In general, coordinators are outgoing, friendly, and comfortable speaking in public. They may be asked to host community events, appear on television or radio, or lead internal meetings at organization headquarters. Most coordinators use computer programs to create materials and schedule events, so computer literacy is very important. In addition, coordinators need to be highly organized and detail-oriented in their work to make sure volunteer schedules, employee payroll information, and company funds are updated and accurate.

The requirements to become a community outreach coordinator can vary. Many small organizations will hire dedicated high school graduates who are willing to work their way up to the ranks of coordinator over the course of several months or years. A bachelor's degree in public relations, social services, or a related field is required by some employers. After gaining experience and succeeding in the job, a community outreach coordinator may have the opportunity to advance within his or her organization to another administrative job or even an executive director position.


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Post 5

This is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I get to help families and children in need!

Post 3

For several years, my mother was a volunteer coordinator for the Department of Social Services. She was in charge of most of the volunteer services in her district. There were some frustrating times, but overall she enjoyed her job.

She was very good at setting up needed volunteer projects and finding volunteers to help. There were volunteer positions from answering phones and paperwork to directly helping those on welfare.

Training the volunteers and scheduling them was a big part of her job. And then, of course, in the spring, there was the volunteer lunch and awards ceremony.

Hard work - yes. But it was very satisfying.

Post 2

Having a career as a community outreach coordinator must bring a lot of job satisfaction, as long as the organized events are well attended and organized.

A person with this job needs to be able to speak well to individuals and to large groups. They need to be skillful at arranging volunteer activities that also include some fun things for the volunteers to do.

Working closely with nonprofit organization to find out what they want to accomplish, gives the coordinator ideas on how to best benefit the nonprofit group.

This seems like a great job for someone who enjoys making the community a better place for everyone. The job should appeal to people who like a lot of variety, interacting with all kinds of people, and a chance to use their creative minds.

Post 1

I think one of the most satisfying community outreach jobs is to work as a volunteer helping to train people to reenter the work force.

I was laid off a couple of years ago and in the unemployment office I met with an outstanding employment coordinator who helped me polish my resume and provide resources for brushing up on some needed technical skills.

She was able to answer all questions that I had, provide me useful resources for job searches, point me to free job assistance programs – and basically, helped me land a new job within six weeks.

I can’t imagine how much I would have had to pay for her services, and being out of work, I couldn’t have afforded anything really. These people are a tremendous blessing, and I am sure that they receive a lot of personal job satisfaction.

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