What Does a Commercial Engineer Do?

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The commercial engineer is a very broad type of job that includes all sorts of roles in engineering work for companies. A commercial engineer can be engaged in aerospace, networks, or any other kind of commercial infrastructure or product development. Commercial engineers generally pursue engineering goals for their employers, usually related to research and development, product development, or other high-level commercial goals. They assist business leaders in coming up with effective solutions that rely on a classical knowledge of mechanical engineering, land use engineering, electrical engineering, or other kinds of similar fields.

There are many different roles that this kind of specialist may play. A commercial engineer often designs products or systems, or facilitates work on a floor plan for a building or other larger installation. For example, a network engineer will design aspects of a business network. An aerospace commercial engineer may develop prototypes or designs for airplane parts or other products.


Management tasks as well as engineering tasks often define the roles of commercial engineers. A senior commercial engineer could oversee a team of engineering staff, or work with other departments of a company in product development. Commercial engineers may also be responsible for ensuring compliance with local or national laws at a location or in product development. The managerial component of the commercial engineer’s job has become so prominent that expert trainers are recommending that those wishing to pursue this kind of career go through specific business training, in addition, to math and science for technical engineering work.

A good definition of commercial engineering work is that commercial engineers apply mechanical or similar form of engineering to a for-profit context. They usually have well defined goals related to an end result that’s related to a target audience of buyers. That’s why commercial engineers may do so much work related to product development, and why they often have to work with those outside of an engineering department.

In a land use context, commercial engineers apply a lot of technical analysis to proposed business expansions that require new land uses. This can include traffic studies and stormwater plans for parking lots, as well as health and safety compliance issues for buildings. Commercial engineers working on projects related to hospitalities, retail, or even corporate office expansions may spend much of their time focused on land use issues, from technical requirements to local or national laws. Although an architect is often responsible for particular building schematics, much of the work around the exterior of a property is often done by a commercial engineer.


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Post 4

The word engineer is so over used today that in many cases the word has totally lost its original meaning. In today's world we all want to be politically correct and what has happened is that employers are using fancy titles to describe jobs that have been around forever.

When this happens the janitor becomes a custodial engineer and the the guy who cleans your gutters becomes a commercial water run-off control engineer. Honestly, if someone tells you he is a commercial engineer then you should ask him to be more specific because that title could mean almost anything. Like the article says, the term does apply to a broad category of positions.

Post 3

I knew a guy in high school who started working as a hotel clerk when he graduated from high school. He wasn't much on studying or taking classes very seriously when we were in school, so no one really expected him to go to college.

At the hotel, he was making minimum wage checking guests in and out of rooms. While at the hotel he got to use a computer regularly and he became interested in computers. After a few years working the front desk, he decided to go to a computer school to get more training so he could move into a better paying position at some point.

He continued to work at the hotel while he

went to school. He earned a degree in about two years and now he is the commercial systems engineer for the hotel's computer system. He makes more money than most of us who went to a four year college when we graduated high school.
Post 2

When I hear the word engineer I think of someone who is good with math and who uses this knowledge to build bridges, roads or buildings. When you read this article you realize that a commercial engineer can include a wide range of jobs and fields.

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