What Does a Clubhouse Manager Do?

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The responsibilities of a clubhouse manager can vary quite a bit, depending on what type of clubhouse he or she manages. In general, however, clubhouse managers are responsible for overseeing daily activities and the needs of those who are at a clubhouse, regardless of whether the clubhouse is for a baseball team or some other club or organization. The clubhouse manager typically oversees the physical location of the clubhouse and ensures that all facilities are in working order and ready for use by members of the club. If there are other employees working under the manager, then he or she usually has to ensure they are scheduled properly and deal with issues or disputes they may have.

A clubhouse manager is typically responsible for overseeing operation of a clubhouse, though this can involve a number of different duties depending on the type of clubhouse he or she manages. Many baseball teams, for example, play at a stadium that includes a clubhouse that provides various facilities for home and visiting teams. A clubhouse manager at a baseball clubhouse is usually responsible for ensuring the various needs of players, including food service and training equipment. He or she may also ensure that other employees at the stadium are working on tasks, provide tickets and facilities for family members of players, and help home and visiting teams feel more comfortable.


Many athletic clubs have a clubhouse manager who is responsible for overseeing daily operations at the club. A golf course, for example, may have a clubhouse that includes a restaurant, shop, and other facilities for members of the course. The clubhouse manager at this type of facility usually ensures that the different facilities within the clubhouse are operating properly and may be responsible for overseeing new menu selections and inventory issues. Other sports facilities such as country clubs and tennis clubs also frequently have managers who see to the needs of members and ensure excellent customer service.

A clubhouse manager is likely to have a number of different employees that answer to him or her. This means that common, general managerial duties such as scheduling and dealing with employee disputes may also be part of the manager’s responsibilities. Customer complaints about employees and yearly reviews may also be handled by a clubhouse manager. Someone interested in this type of position usually has previous management experience, often in retail or a similar service industry, and a degree in business administration or management may also be necessary for some positions.


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