What Does a Club Attendant Do?

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A club attendant is responsible for maintaining a customer-friendly environment. His or her exact duties will vary depending on the type of club, such as whether it's a health and fitness facility, bar or resort. Job descriptions for club attendants are often specific and detailed. In any setting, club attendants must typically follow set job guidelines as well as operating policies.

Club attendants usually report to a supervisor. They must also work as part of a team and usually attend regular staff meetings. Interacting with clientele may be a regular part of a club attendant's job, but some attendants are expected to remain mostly in a background type of maintenance and preparation role. Club attendants who prepare foods may require a certificate in food safety, while in other attendant jobs, first aid certification in case of a guest emergency could be needed. Keeping track of paperwork using computer and/or manual filing systems is a common task done by club attendants.


A resort or hotel club attendant is often part of the dining room staff responsible for cleaning and setting guest tables. He or she may clear and replace dishes as well as change table linens. Dining room club attendants may also bring water to fill guests' glasses and help the wait staff carry food dishes to the tables. Some attendants in club settings do cashiering, while most do some types of housekeeping work such as vacuuming the dining area, wiping countertops and/or keeping clean dishes stocked and ready to use.

Bar or night club attendants often assist the bartender. They're usually expected to keep the bar area clean and well-stocked. Making ice, slicing fruit garnishes and restocking supplies such as cocktail napkins and drink stirrers are typical tasks of a night club attendant or bartender assistant. These club attendants may also assist in ordering needed supplies and use inventory management software.

Attendants at health clubs or fitness centers monitor the gym, spa and other areas to ensure that both safety policies and customer service needs are being adequately met. He or she must ensure that guests using workout equipment are following safety rules. At the same time, a health club attendant is expected to have a pleasant, helpful attitude toward guests. In some health clubs, attendants' job duties involve promoting fitness or other services and they may work under a sales quota system that they're expected to meet.


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Post 3

My cousin works as a club attendant. As far as I know, he is basically a server. He sets up tables for events, serves foods and drinks and helps clean up. It's not much different from working at a restaurant or in a catering service, except that the organization is more higher-end.

Post 2

@SteamLouis-- Although this job may be flexible, this doesn't mean that a club attendant is required to do all of them. Hotels and resorts definitely have full time employees in these various positions. As far as I know, club attendants attend to specific parts of the facility or to specific guests such as VIP guests. So they may be serving VIP guests and only attending to one or two parties at once. Since one attendant may be assigned to one party, it is expected that they run the various errands for them.

If you've ever been attended to in such a facility, I'm sure you know that exclusive customers expect services beyond the routine service provided. So a club attendant may have to switch between different roles, serve food, clean up after guests, and even do housekeeping tasks as required.

Post 1

It sounds like this job description is very wide and flexible. I can't believe that club attendants can do so many different things -- everything from housekeeping to catering to cashier. Why don't these facilities just hire people for these specific jobs instead of having club attendants do so many different things?

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