What does a Child Care Center Director do?

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A child care center director has many duties. He or she is responsible for providing a clean, safe, and educational experience for the children who attend the center. Individuals in this role also hire and train the teachers and other employees and partner with the parents. The director will often be in charge of the finances and the human resource needs of the center.

One of the most important duties for a child care center director is hiring and training staff members that will follow the center's procedures. The director often needs teachers and assistant teachers and is usually in charge of training the teachers to write and teach lessons based on the age of the children. He or she will follow up with teachers to be sure that educational goals are being met in each classroom.

The director will usually need a cook and a cleaning crew as well. He or she will train the cook to make meals that are nutritional and budget-friendly. This person will also have to train the cleaning crew and have all the employees make an effort to keep the center as germ-free as possible. He or she will make sure that all toys are being sanitized and that center furniture is being cleaned on a daily basis.


The child care center director has to know each parent and child at the center. He or she will work with the parents when they are touring the center or when they have questions. The director will attend teacher/parent conferences whenever possible. It is part of the job to maintain a good working relationship with each parent.

Child care centers are usually for-profit businesses. This leaves financial responsibility to the child care center director. He or she will handle the records for each family's monthly payment and the center's expenses. Expenses may include food and toys for the center, employees' salaries, and building maintenance.

Most child care centers do not have a human resources department, so this duty often falls on the director. He or she is in charge of managing all the employees' vacation time, benefits, and expense reports.

The director will create all training documents and personnel policies. He or she will also perform yearly evaluations for each employee and meet with the employee to discuss results. If there is a staff member who is not following the center's policies, the director will be the one to reprimand or terminate that employee.


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Post 4

@starrynight - I know childcare skills are important for a child care center director, but I think organization skills are pretty important too.

I think we've probably all had the displeasure of working a job where the business was poorly managed! Organization can mean the difference between providing excellent customer service or never being able to get anything done!

When children are involved, organization is key. For example, the children attending the daycare should all be up to date on their shots. A disorganized leader might let that slide, which is obviously not good!

Post 3

When I was in high school a good friend of mine worked at a local daycare center. She loved it, and it was partly because there was a great child care center director working there!

The director was extremely knowledgeable about children in general and a great manager. She was able to help all the teachers and assistant teachers really develop their teaching and childcare skills. Also, her great organizational skills helped the daycare center run smoothly!

Post 2

@Sara007 - Talking to a child care center director is a good idea. You are not just hiring a babysitter or nanny, but rather an entire team of people that will make sure your child is educated and safe.

Child development is an important matter, and I think more parents should make sure that the child care center directors really know what they are doing. The center I take my kids to has staff members that see their work as more than just babysitting jobs. They work hard and are well-educated. What really impresses me as that the child care center director trains all of the staff herself and is very strict about standards.

Post 1

When you are looking for a place to send your child for daycare, make sure you chat with the child care center director. Part of a director's job is customer service, and you should get a good vibe from them. Treat it like you would when you are shopping for any other service and make sure everything feels right.

Daycare centers in my area are actually very competitive and I wanted to find a place that was really knowledgeable about child development stages so they would give my kids appropriate activities. In my opinion, a good child care center should also be a learning center.

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