What does a Certified General Accountant do?

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A certified general accountant, which is a title usually used Canada, is a type of accounting professional who has been trained and certified to perform a range of tasks related to business analysis and the management of financial matters. This person has been trained by the Certified General Accountants Association and is a member of the organization as well. An individual who becomes certified as a general accountant is qualified to deliver accounting advice and guidance, and he is qualified to prepare tax forms as well.

Certified general accountants work to review and analyze a company’s financial information. A person with this title is typically relied on to forecast a company’s financial dealings, make plans to solve any problems that may arise, and ensure that a company's financial strategies are implemented properly. A person in this field may also handle such things as auditing and tax preparation. He may provide business consulting as well.

Sometimes people become confused about the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. Both types of professionals work with numbers and are trained to provide assistance to businesses. A bookkeeper, however, is typically responsible for performing the tasks necessary to keep a business’ books, including recording transactions. A certified general account or other type of accounting professional, on the other hand, is more likely to focus on the business planning, analysis, and monitoring side of things.


A certified general accountant can work in a variety of industries and may find his services required not only in Canada, but also in various places around the world. For example, certified general accounts also find opportunities in places like Bermuda and Hong Kong. A person with this title may provide services to industrial companies as well as financial institutions. He may also provide services to government agencies, public practice firms, professional organizations, and entrepreneurs. Essentially, a person with this title may find work opportunities wherever there is a need for sound accounting and financial strategies.

To become a certified general accountant, a person usually has to secure a bachelor’s degree. Some may earn degrees in commerce, but this isn’t a requirement. A person pursuing this designation also takes general accountant courses through the Certified General Accountants Association. He will also have to pass an exam in order to secure the designation. Finally, he may need work experience and recommendations not only from his employers, but also from an evaluator from the certified general accountant program.


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Post 2

@JaneAir - I wasn't too clear on the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper until recently either!

I think it's really important to hire a certified general accountant if you have a small business. A friend of mine runs a small business and at first he tried to do his accounting himself. Bad idea! You really need a trained professional for some things, and accounting is one of them!

Post 1

I always thought a bookkeeper and a certified general accountant were the same thing. It sounds like an accountant deals a lot more with actually analyzing the information, while the bookkeeper just, well, keeps the books!

I don't find accounting particularly interesting, but it actually sounds like it could be an exciting career. Like the article said, you could travel to other countries and offer your services. There aren't too many careers that give you the opportunity to work international. Also, accountants are always in demand. Sounds like a pretty good set up!

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