What does a Call Center Recruiter do?

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Call centers often have very high employee turnover rates and may have trouble finding individuals with the qualities and experience they need to fill their job vacancies. Call center recruiters work to help call centers find qualified applicants to fill open positions. In the process of fulfilling his recruiting goals and pleasing his employer or clients, a person in this position typically spends a good deal of time reviewing resumes, perusing job seeker databases, and contacting potential job candidates. His work helps to free his employer or clients to handle other aspects of running a call center since the recruiter is hard at work filling positions.

There are many different types of recruiters. Some are general recruiters who will work to fill just about any type of job while others may specialize in a specific field or in finding a specific type of employee. A call center recruiter works to fill positions for call centers, which are typically offices that handle a large amount of incoming or outgoing calls. Some call centers handle both inbound and outbound calls, and many are involved in telemarketing or the processing of sales orders. A call center recruiter may recruit individuals to take or make calls or focus on finding people to fill supervisory and executive-level positions instead.


A call center recruiter typically does more than just place ads for job openings. A person in this field usually puts a good deal of time and effort into finding the right candidate for the job. This often means learning about the company in question, its needs, and the specific requirements of the job it is seeking to fill. With this knowledge at hand, a person in this position usually works at matching an applicant’s skills, talents, and experience with the job description and needs of the call center. He may speak with and screen many applicants before he finds one that is a perfect match.

Typically, a person who becomes a call center recruiter is expected to have good sales skills. This is because he often has to sell an applicant on the job vacancy he’s trying to fill. This doesn’t mean, however, that he will make a desperate bid to fill the job as fast as he can. Job applicants typically have to sell the recruiter on their skills and the qualities that make them attractive job candidates as well.

To become a call center recruiter, a person typically needs excellent communication skills and above-average sales ability. He is usually expected to be organized, detail oriented, driven, and capable of working well under pressure. Some employers may accept those with high school diplomas, especially if they have call center, human resource, sales, or other related experience. Others may prefer job candidates with degrees in a human resources or business major.


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