What does a Cab Driver do?

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While it may seem that a cab driver has only one responsibility, to drive customers to and from certain destinations, this is not the case. Instead, a cab driver must be ready to take on a number of different responsibilities including handling funds and cleaning the inside of taxi cabs. Taxis have been around in various forms for many centuries now, and the many duties of a cab driver increase as time goes on.

A person who works as a cab driver must have excellent communication skills. Not only do cab drivers have to pick up all kinds of people, but many cab drivers must also be able to follow complicated schedules. Frequently, cab drivers are hired by tourists or businesspeople for an entire day, and this can mean adhering to a difficult schedule throughout the day. In addition, elderly people may ask taxi drivers to run small errands for them. Tasks such as retrieving mail, picking up dry cleaning, and retrieving groceries are all part of this job description.

Aside from special circumstances such as the ones mentioned above, taxi drivers must also be able to operate different types of vehicles. Some taxis are specially made for handicapped people and feature ramps that must be raised and lowered. This type of vehicle requires a special license that most cab drivers must obtain prior to securing a taxi position.


Generally, cab drivers are not required to repair vehicles, though some drivers may be asked to make minor repairs. Many taxi drivers know how to change tires, windshield wipers, lights, and other small vehicle parts. Many drivers are also responsible for cleaning the inside and outside of a taxi on a regular basis.

Perhaps the most important task that a cab driver must be aware of is how must to charge a customer for each trip. While the price of some trips have been predetermined, such as airport fares, other trips must be calculated using taximeters and fee charts. These prices must be calculated prior to setting off on any long trip, and customers must be notified of these rates.

Taxi drivers should have basic knowledge of a country's spoken language. Drivers that have knowledge of other languages can also be seen as an asset to taxi companies. The average cab driver has many different tasks to attend to, though this type of work can be emotionally rewarding if a person enjoys driving, talking, listening, and working with others.


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Post 6

I will need an airport taxi for when I travel this weekend. I've never taken one before but I kind of trust their sense of direction better than mine anyway.

Post 5

In some countries, people can actually hire cabs permanently with a monthly salary.

I saw this a lot in India when I went to visit my friend there. Her family did not have a car, but had a cab waiting in front of their house constantly. When I asked about it, she said that it's their cab and driver who works them with a monthly wage. So the cab worked purely for this family and his job was to wait until someone needed to go somewhere or have errands run for them.

It seemed weird to me at first. But since wages are really low in India in general, it's not uncommon for people to have their personal cab drivers and cabs. I imagine the responsibilities are endless in that position, because the cab driver is sort of like a maid.

Post 4

@manykitties2-- I agree with you! I'm ashamed to say that I've under-tipped cab drivers a couple of times.

It's not that I didn't have money or anything. I was interning in Chicago and had never been to a big city before. I honestly did not know how much to tip a cab driver. It turns out that each city has a specific percentage for tips. It took me several weeks to figure this out and I felt so bad when I did.

When I was in Chicago, I would see cab drivers waiting all night for customers. I think they're required to take turns staying up at night. I even saw one dozing in the cab while waiting. It really is a very difficult job. I agree with you that deserve a nice tip.

Post 3

I think that another responsibility of a cab driver is to know the area where they're driving very well.

I understand drivers not knowing the directions to remote streets. But I've actually come across quite a few cab drivers who needed directions from me to find where I needed to go. As much as I don't mind doing this, I really think that cab drivers should already know this.

Plus, what happens if the customer doesn't know the way either? Are they going to stop and ask someone? It would be such a waste of time to do that and people take cabs to get to where they need to go quickly and comfortably.

Post 2

Does anyone know how to go about getting a cab driver license?

I am considering getting some part-work and have seen a few cab driver wanted signs around town and ads posted in the local newspaper. I was a bit wary because they seem to have a high turnover, but I would be willing to give the job a try.

I don't think I would do the job for more than a year though. I have ran into too many angry cab drivers to want to get into that lifestyle. I can image the constant driving around and dealing with other drivers must get to you after awhile.

Post 1

My father was a cab driver for many years and it can be a really tough profession. Usually cab drivers are required to work very long shifts of around 12 hours, and they also tend to suffer health problems from sitting for long periods of time. They are also responsible for carrying people's packages and loading luggage or groceries into the car, and this can take a toll on the back.

When it comes to tipping cab drivers, be aware that they generally do not own their own cars, and they only get a percentage of the fares that they charge. Knowing how much my own father struggled financially, I always make sure to tip cab drivers well.

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