What Does a Business Project Manager Do?

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A business project manager is responsible for creating, implementing, and overseeing projects that meet the goals and objectives of his company. These projects can range from the adoption of a new technology within the company or ensuring that employees complete a procedure accurately and efficiently. It is not uncommon to find a business project manager working in a variety of industries, including finance, health care, or technology.

It is the responsibility of a business project manager to outline all of the tasks and responsibilities of the employees that he or she manages. Often, he or she will use a project management system in order to assign tasks and manage the production of the staff. Business project managers also have to manage the budget and resources that have been allocated to a particular project in order to ensure that the project is completed on time and within the parameters set by the executive staff.

Most business project managers have at least a bachelor's degree, typically in areas such as business management or information systems. Managers who are looking to gain an edge in the marketplace will often have a master's degree in project management as well project management certifications. In addition to formal education and certifications, those entering this career will need to have at least several years of management experience before becoming a business project manager.


Great communication skills and the ability to multitask are a must for a business project manager as he or she will be responsible for communicating with a variety of people across a number of departments and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Business project managers must be able to work efficiently as many projects have a specific deadline that must be reached in order for the company to accomplish its objectives. In addition to operating efficiently, a business project manager must also be able to motivate his or her team members to do the same.

The job of a business project manager can be intense as he or she is responsible for managing projects, budgets, and people. These managers must constantly evaluate their team members in order to ensure that they are accomplishing the tasks at hand. In the event that a team member is unable to fulfill his or her duties, it is the responsibility of the business project manager to reassign the team member to a new task or remove him or her from the project entirely.


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