What does a Business Professor do?

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A business professor teaches college courses on various topics within the field of business administration. Some professors specialize in a particular subject, such as economics or accounting, while others teach more generalized classes. A business professor usually participates in making departmental decisions regarding the creation of new programs or policies, setting budgets, and allocating funds within the program. Most colleges and universities require new professors to obtain doctoral degrees in their specialties before they can work independently.

The main duty of a business professor is to provide students with the information and skills necessary to succeed in the world of business. This is primarily accomplished by preparing detailed lectures and administering fair, meaningful tests. A teacher usually stands and speaks to the class, prepares slideshows, draws diagrams, and encourages discussions. In addition, most professors make themselves available to students before or after class or during office hours to provide additional assistance.

Professors are often highly involved in administrative work and decision-making within the business department of a college. A business professor might be part of a departmental committee or advisory board to analyze statistics about programs, budgets, and enrollment. He or she may provide expert advice on how to improve situations or bring more money into the department. Some professors are also involved in independent research of local, regional, and national business trends and policies, and publish detailed papers about their findings.


A doctoral degree from an accredited, respected university is typically the minimum requirement to become a business professor, though some community colleges and smaller universities will hire professors who hold master's degrees. In addition, many schools prefer to select professors who have gained practical experience in corporations, small businesses, or government jobs. Previous work experience can be very helpful in order to better prepare students for finding work in the professional world. In order to earn a Doctor of Business Administration or a Ph.D. in business philosophy, an individual is typically required to complete about eight years of college work. Many doctoral students choose to work as teaching assistants in order to become more familiar with the fundamentals of designing and teaching courses.

A new instructor usually begins his or her career as an assistant or associate professor. His or her work is evaluated frequently by governing boards and other faculty members to make sure expectations are being met. With time and success in an associate position, an instructor can officially become a business professor. A professor who performs exceptionally well for about seven years within a university may be granted tenure, an agreement that gives him or her a great deal of freedom in the types of instruction and research that can be performed.


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