What Does a Business Operations Specialist Do?

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Working as a business operations specialist is often fitting for a person with a creative mindset and the ability to optimize the day-to-day activities of a business. While it's sometimes possible to acquire this position with only a high school diploma, it's beneficial to have a bachelor's degree in business. These individuals can work in a variety of settings, but have the same general job duties. Some of these include analyzing a business's current operations, identifying customer needs, creating reports, developing improvement plans and assisting departments in implementing changes.

Analyzing a business's current operations is an essential first step before improvements can be made. Generally speaking, this involves obtaining data through various means such as direct observation, sales reports, employee feedback and manager feedback. Basically, it's the job of a business operations specialist to determine which areas aren't operating efficiently. For example, a company's computer software might be outdated and not meeting employee needs. Knowing exactly what's wrong is mandatory for a person in this position to perform his job.

In many cases, identifying customer needs is another important part of this job. Since customers often determine whether a business succeeds or fails, it's critical to adapt to customer needs. This process can be done in several ways, including gathering feedback via surveys, questionnaires or a website. It's the job of a business operations specialist to look for patterns in customer feedback.


Once he has obtained enough data, a business operations specialist will often create reports to analyze operational data. For example, he might construct a chart that shows common inefficiencies in business operations or customer complaints. This practice tends to make it easier to spot patterns and present findings to others. Reports are typically created with a software program, so a person in this position should have reasonable computer proficiency.

After he has gained a clear understanding of problem areas, a business operations specialist will spend time developing improvement plans. In the case of outdated company software, he might look for a new type of software that's better equipped to handle employee needs. If there were consistent customer complaints in a particular area, he might create new customer service guidelines. Before improvement plans can commence, it's often necessary to get approval from supervisors or company executives.

Additionally, an individual will usually assist various departments in implementing changes. Since a business operations specialist is the one responsible for developing a plan, it's helpful for him to provide personnel with guidance. This might include holding workshops, working one-on-one with employees and answering questions as they arise.


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Talentryto, I think that most businesses, especially larger companies, use business operations specialists to keep track of performance records. Though different companies may use different names for this position, the overseeing work done is the same.

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I wonder if a wide variety of different types of businesses use these specialists to determine successes and failures. It seems like business operations specialists would be crucial in all types of companies to ensure success and growth.

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