What does a Business Objects Developer do?

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A business objects developer creates business objects, which is a concept in the field of computer science. In this discipline, an object represents a specific aspect of a computer process that plays a role within a computer program, such as anti-virus software or security firewalls. The developer is responsible for creating the objects used by a given business.

The developer should be able to follow instructions in order to ensure that objects comply with suggestions or guidelines offered by customers and upper management. It is important that both the company responsible for the object and the users who will encounter it on a regular basis are satisfied. A business object developer may also oversee testing, integration, and implementation of objects within a program.

Business objects developers are also responsible for writing, maintaining, and presenting reports to upper management. As a result, it is helpful for developers to possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal. This also comes into play when the developer has to communicate complex information to the junior developers or other employees in the company.

In order to satisfy the customer, the developer must also understand the customers' needs and translate them into usable business objects. This may include researching customer satisfaction surveys or conducting focus groups. If the customer is unable to use the object, the developer has not done the job properly.


Generating development projects is another responsibility of the business objects developer. Not only does the developer have to create the object, but he or she must often develop the idea behind the object. Developers may also be required to supervise junior developers or others in related departments.

It is generally beneficial for a business objects developer to have a strong understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization. This may include researching company policy and procedures and understanding the mission of the company. Because they generally work with other individuals in the department, it is also beneficial for developers to be able to work effectively in a team environment with many different personalities.

Generally, business objects developers have some educational background, usually in either information science or computer science. Taking public speaking and writing courses can help as well, since communication is a large part of the job. Understanding computer systems is the most important part of a business objects developer's job.


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