What Does a Business Lecturer Do?

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A business lecturer is a teacher who has both academic credentials, professional experience, and a high level of expertise in business. Most business lecturers are employed by educational institutions, colleges, or business schools and teach classes on different business topics. Those working in this field usually have a master's degree in business or business administration and may also be successful entrepreneurs, managers, or executives with experience in a variety of professions. The duties of a professional business lecturer include teaching at post-secondary educational institutions, conducting seminars, or coordinating business courses. In the teaching capacity, a business lecturer may specialize in a particular area or have general knowledge in several areas of business.

A lecturer in business may have a bachelor's degree in general business or in a business specialty like finance, accounting, or management. Those with a bachelor's degree in business are qualified to teach courses like accounting, global economics, marketing and finance at the high school level. Teaching at the post-secondary level in the field of business requires an MBA, which itself might limit one to adjunct teaching positions. Those who earn a Ph.D. in business have additional opportunities to teach at colleges and universities as well.


Not everyone in business has the ability to teach others, but a business lecturer can communicate the fundamental concepts and processes involved in any area of business. Some of those working in the capacity of business lecturer will provide instruction for students at vocational schools, business schools, private corporations, colleges and universities. Most lecturers have experience in the world of business as well as the formal training acquired through various degrees. Some business lecturers may also organize, market, and conduct business seminars for the public or provide business courses for corporations or other organizations.

Most business lecturers teach various types of undergraduate and graduate business courses at colleges or universities. Some of the courses they teach include management, leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship. A business lecturer may also be responsible for advising business students on particular coursework and career options. Conducting research and having papers published may also be part of the business lecturer job description.


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