What Does a Business Banker Do?

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A business banker is an individual assigned by a banking institution to assist business owners with their banking needs. Such needs may include opening a new account, the personal handling of account issues and bringing helpful business banking products to an owner’s attention, as necessary. Their duties extend beyond those of a bank teller and other frontline banking staff, as this person acts as a sort of an overseer for small and large business accounts.

Providing personalized service, a business banker is often expected to bring new customers into a banking institution. In doing so, a banker often makes the determination that a business customer has needs beyond basic banking and may make referrals to other specialists within a banking organization. Examples of additional services include investment or accounting advice, as well as specialized payroll services.

It is not uncommon for this type of banker to have a college degree in business, finance, economics or a related field. Often, such is clearly stated as desirable business banker requirements whenever a banking institution is seeking new candidates for this type of position. Experience in banking sales and working in other banking positions is often a requirement, as well.


To meet professional standards in such a job, bankers are expected to be personable, well-organized and detail-oriented. Time management skills are essential in performing banking duties, as are strong written and verbal communication skills. Other necessary attributes needed for this type of job include strong troubleshooting skills, the ability to influence decisions, a willingness to learn new products and be able to identify how clients may best benefit from each new or existing product.

Duties are primarily handled within a banking branch. Bankers often make a special effort to also be available to customers during regular business hours by email, office or mobile phone. Personalized service is one of the main elements of a business banker job description.

Once a business account is established, routine withdrawals and deposits are generally handled by a bank’s teller. For questions regarding credit, lending programs, investment alternatives and accounting issues, however, a business banker is often the appropriate person to either answer a business owner’s concerns or to introduce an owner to another professional able to best serve that customer’s needs.


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