What does a Brick Mason do?

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Brick masons are construction professionals who work with brick and mortar to create a number of architectural enhancements to structures that are both functional as well as visually appealing. In some instances, a mason will also work with materials other than bricks, such as structural tiles, stone, and even prefabricated panels and facades.

These professionals perform their work with the use of a number of hand tools that allow them to create functional and decorative structures that can be customized to a variety of tastes and styles. Generally, a brick mason is expected to have an excellent sense of proportion, as well as the ability to accurately judge angle and layout. Perhaps of utmost importance is the person's ability to make sure a structure is created with a level foundation, ensuring that the finished product does not sway or lean.

A mason tends to have a keen sense of mathematical precision, and often has an affinity for disciplines such as geometry. These talents help him or her to construct and read blueprints for projects. The mason may have some educational background in such disciplines as architecture, but this is not a requirement. Many successful individuals have a high school education augmented by some training as an apprentice or certification from a technical school.


It is not unusual for a brick mason to choose a particular type of masonry work and make that the core of his or her business. Some experts in this field choose to specialize in residential projects, while others prefer to focus on large-scale projects involving public buildings. Often a project will involve the use of bricks in tandem with other building mediums, such as concrete or stone. The mason usually surveys a potential project and meets with the client in order to ascertain what the customer wants and needs from the final product. This allows him or her to prepare a formal quote that takes into account all materials and labor that will be necessary to successfully complete the job within the time frame requested by the client.


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