What Does a Branch Office Manager Do?

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A branch office manager is hired by a business to fully run a regional office. The exact scope of a branch officer manager's responsibilities will change depending upon the size of a company, but duties generally include managing employees and handling the day-to-day functioning of an office. This may include answering phones, filing, scheduling, and handling pick-ups and deliveries. In larger offices, a branch office manager will supervise the individual employees who are in charge of each of the above tasks. Basic human resource management, such as hiring and training, may also be part of a branch office manager's job description.

Companies may have multiple offices in a region or country to manage operations in different areas. Each branch needs an office manager to see to its function and operation. Within an office, the branch manager sees that every job is fulfilled in a manner that best suits the needs of the company. To this end, the branch office manager could be responsible for determining the number of staff needed for a particular task, and may also be in charge of setting each position's specific job description. Staff coordination is a primary responsibility of the branch office manager.


Scheduling for each employee is also often handled by the office manager. This is a juggling act that requires meeting staffing needs while also allowing for individual employee's schedule conflicts. When an employee needs time off, such as for vacation or maternity leave, the manager ensures coverage is provided. Should a company grow from increased profits or number of customers, the branch officer manager hires additional staff. This includes reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting new hire training.

Beyond staff management, a branch office manager will ensure that all equipment needed to work is functioning correctly. Computers, copy machines, fax machines, and phone lines may be serviced by an information technology staff member, but it is the office manager that is charge of purchasing new equipment and scheduling service repair times. Supply inventory management and purchasing are other areas handled by an office manager. This includes purchasing paper, pens, shipping and packaging products, and office break room materials.

Mail is another important area supervised by a branch manager. Each day, the mail for the business needs to be sorted, distributed, and filed. Another employee is usually scheduled to be in charge of the mail room. The manager oversees this employee and insures it is all handled correctly.


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