What does a Boxing Announcer do?

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Sometimes referred to as a ring announcer, the boxing announcer serves as the emcee for a boxing event. In most situations, the announcer will introduce each boxer to the audience, including pertinent details regarding the contender. An announcer also works closely with a boxing judge or boxing referee, and often announces the decisions of those boxing officials to the fans. In television broadcasts, it is not unusual for a boxing announcer to also conduct short interviews with boxers before or after their time in the boxing ring.

In many situations, the boxing announcer will also quickly run through the basic rules applying to the match for the benefit of both the boxers and the fans gathered to witness the matches. When a television or radio broadcast of the event is taking place, the announcer may also double as a commentator, keeping the remote audiences up to date on what is happening in the ring. This added responsibility has made it necessary for announcers today to have voices that are clear, crisp and easily understood over the din that usually accompanies any boxing match.


At the beginning of a match, a boxing announcer will often state what is known as a stipulation. Essentially, this is setting the terms for winning the match. For example, if the announcer issues a stipulation that the match is scheduled for a single fall, this means that should either of the boxers be disqualified, pinned to the mat, or counted out, then the match is over, even if there are still several rounds to go.

Once any boxing match is completed, it is the job of the boxing announcer to formally announce the ruling of the referee before the winner is considered official. In situations where the match continues for all the scheduled rounds without a ruling from the referee, the boxing announcer will confer with the judges, receive their final decision on who has won the match, and make the announcement to the contenders and to the assembled crowd of fans.

Over time, a boxing announcer may begin to acquire a fan base not unlike that of the boxers themselves. Some announcers become favorites of the boxers as well as the fans, and are highly sought after to announce important matches. A talented boxing announcer can easily enjoy a career that will last for several decades, providing both a lucrative living as well as the chance to meet and interact with prominent boxers and others who follow the sport.


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Post 3

Does anyone know of where to find some good videos of Mike Tyson boxing? I am curious to hear what the announcers have to say about his moves.

I have recently gotten into boxing exercises after watching some clips of fights and find that it is a great workout. I am somewhat hoping that by listening to what announcers had to say about some of the best boxers in the world that I will be able to pick up some tips on what works and what doesn't. Who knows what I can learn from boxing announcers, but I am willing to check out some fights and see.

Post 2

@MrSmirnov - If you are looking for a famous boxing announcer I would look up Michael Buffer who gave us the famous phrase, "Let's get ready to rumble!" I think that Michael has one of the best voices and is probably the most recognizable announcers in the past 30 years or so.

Another thing you can do if you want your son to learn more about announcers and boxing in general is to buy some boxing DVDs that show some of the older fights. I think that the best boxing is what is now considered vintage. You should see if you can find some matches from the 1920s.

Post 1

My son has really gotten interested in the history of boxing and has even started asking about boxing ring announcers and which ones have been famous. I am wondering if anyone knows of a famous boxing announcers that I could look up?

I enjoy talking with my son and I think it would be fun to get my hand on some boxing announcer scripts so that he can read them and get a feel for what boxing ring announcers really do. I know that a lot of the old announcers were larger than life and I would like for him to know about them.

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