What does a Boiler Inspector do?

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A boiler inspector is responsible for various jobs, and depending upon the specific classification of the job, may have more or less responsibilities. The basic job that an inspector deals with is inspecting boilers and pressure related vessels within the boiler industry. They are responsible to check the safety of the individual equipment, to ensure that all the boiler systems are current with all safety requirements, and provides current information to people, companies, and manufacturers. The job description given for a basic boiler inspector also includes policing specific areas to ensure compliance, and to red flag any places that are not safe or following the outlined rules and regulations.

Inspection tasks are one of the first job duties required by a boiler inspector. New building plans have to be analyzed and either accepted or rejected. Boiler systems in new buildings have to be inspected for compliance of all required rules and regulations. If any inspection fails, then they are also responsible to re-inspect after the specified repairs have been made. The final aspect of inspections that inspectors are required to do is to verify that current buildings are within compliance and are safe for all occupants and surrounding buildings.


Policing and enforcement job requirements are also expected from a boiler inspector. The inspector’s job duties require them to analyze all applicable inspections and to compare them with all rules and regulations that are currently in force. The inspector than passes or fails each specific building as it refers to the inspection reports. They are also responsible to drive through construction zones and stop on occasion to ensure compliance throughout the building and boiler installation phases. If a specific case happens to go to court, then the inspector is required to testify according to the determination that had been previously set.

Boiler inspector jobs also call for investigations when circumstances arise due to boiler industry malfunctions. If on site accidents occur with workers, occupants, or even animals, the inspector is obligated to find the actual cause of it. If a building explodes due to a malfunction, the inspector finds the reason. If a complaint is made against a specific company or building, once again the inspector is responsible for investigating the situation and determining a solution. The boiler inspector is the first line of investigations when it applies to any machinery that is directly related to the boiler industries.

The last job responsibility of a boiler inspector is education. They are responsible to inform the public, businesses, and manufacturing plants within their area about changes to the set rules and regulations, and they must be able to offer solutions to a number of specific industry related problems. Inspectors must stay current with all changes made that apply to boilers and pressure vessels, and they must be able to effectively explain the changes to others around them. Compliance in the boiler industry begins with constant education about new concepts and laws, and passing it on as needed.


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