What does a Blogger do?

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A blogger posts regular entries on a personal or business site known as a blog. There are a number of different types of bloggers; personal bloggers, photo bloggers, and corporate bloggers are a few types, among many others. A personal blogger is one of the most common types. This person uses his or her personal website to post entries about his life, opinions, or interests. A blog can be a great way to communicate with other people, and to meet people who share common interests.

A blogger with a personal blog may choose to update the website every day, once or twice a week, or even just a few times a month. The frequency of updates is completely up to the person who is writing the website, though more frequent updates tend to attract more visitors. In general, a blogger will want to develop a certain amount of daily visitors; this will ensure that the blog is actually being read, and makes it more likely that people will comment on the entries.


Some personal bloggers are anonymous, and write their blogs under a pseudonym for privacy. Others share their blogs with friends, family, and coworkers, and some use a blog just as a tool for keeping in touch with distant family. In general, it is a good idea to assume that everything written on the Internet can be read by anyone, even if the blog is anonymous. This means it is possible for one's boss or coworkers to find a blog, which could be potentially damaging to one's career if negative information is included.

Some bloggers use personal sites to post music or photos. These may be referred to as photoblogs, and may not include any text at all in the entries. A blog can literally be anything the blogger wants it to be; some blogs feature more than one contributing blogger to make it more interesting to readers. A number of blogs may also feature paid advertisements or product reviews in order for the blogger to earn some extra income or free products.

Some businesses use blogs on their websites in order to establish a more personal appearance to customers. Employees of the business will generally write these blogs, which are of course not anonymous. A blogger responsible for this type of blog will need to write about special events the company is participating in, community service events, new products, or anything interesting that is happening at the business. Companies and even individual departments of a company, may also host internal blogs similar to a newsletter, as a friendly way to keep employees up to date on relevant news.


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