What Does a Beauty Sales Representative Do?

K. Testa

Traditionally, a beauty sales representative is a person who sells cosmetics and other beauty products, often representing a particular brand or company. Salespeople work at a variety of locations, including retail outlets, online merchants, and trade shows and other promotional events. She might be a traveling sales rep, or she might work primarily out of her own home. The job responsibilities vary depending on where she works, but her primary obligation is to demonstrate and promote the beauty products, educating customers and making sales in the process.

Beauty sales representatives sell cosmetics and other beauty products.
Beauty sales representatives sell cosmetics and other beauty products.

The first responsibility of any sales representative is to greet and serve customers, making them feel comfortable and demonstrating the merchandise. She determines the customers' needs and recommends appropriate products based on their preferences. Some sales rep positions might entail more personal contact with customers than others; in these cases, establishing a relationship and providing personalized services can encourage repeat business.

Beauty sales representatives may run kiosks at a shopping mall.
Beauty sales representatives may run kiosks at a shopping mall.

To become a beauty sales representative, a person must usually possess a range of knowledge and skills, including product expertise, marketing experience, and a customer service background. A beauty sales rep tends to focus on selling high-end beauty products. Therefore, she is normally expected to be up to date on product information and current beauty trends.

A beauty sales representative working out of her home is normally employed by a specific company that provides "startup kits" and product samples. She might purchase a few items and then hold a home-based demonstration for a group of potential customers. Alternatively, she might visit other people in their homes to make individual sales. A mall kiosk or other public location might also serve as a base for a beauty sales representative.

When she is not actually selling merchandise, a beauty sales representative might be educating herself about the industry and about new products, gaining knowledge to pass on to her customers. Though it is not always necessary, a cosmetic license might be helpful to someone preparing to become a beauty sales representative. At a minimum, some prior sales experience may be required for certain positions. Employers often look for a particular type of personality and evidence of success as a salesperson, rather than a particular educational background.

The working conditions for a beauty sales representative can vary widely, depending on whether she works in a retail setting, out of her home, or on the road. She might work for a salary, a commission, or both, and the job might be a full-time or a part-time commitment. Her work schedule is subject to fluctuation, especially around the holidays when the demand for certain products is typically higher.

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