What Does a Beauty Expert Do?

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A beauty expert, also referred to as a beauty specialist or beauty consultant, depending on the specific position and working location, is an individual who is knowledgeable about different types of makeup, application techniques, and the colors and types of makeup that look best on different skin types. For beauty experts that work in department stores or beauty supply stores, sales is also a huge part of the job. For those that work in spas or salons, sales abilities are still emphasized, but to a lesser degree. The beauty expert should also be very knowledgeable about new products, and be able to explain them to the customer.

A large part of the daily job of a beauty expert will be working one-on-one with customers to determine the cosmetic and skin care products that will be best for them, based on their specific needs. This can include everything from finding the best colors to complement their skin tone, to choosing products to target specific skin issues like acne or rosacea. Based on his or her knowledge and specific training, the beauty expert will be able to make recommendations, provide advice and offer samples. In many cases the individual will apply makeup as a type of trial run on the customer, and must be able to do it in a flattering way in order to make the sale.


Beauty experts who work in department stores will be expected to know how to up-sell products, and sell customers additional products based on their purchases. When new products come out, the beauty expert should be able to explain and demonstrate these products in a way that makes the customer want to buy them. In addition, people in this job will generally be expected to be able to teach customers how to apply their makeup, and to answer specific questions they have. It is important for a beauty expert to always look professional and wear expertly applied makeup to inspire trust in the customer.

Of course, a department or beauty supply store is not the only place for a beauty expert. Some also work at salons, and will apply makeup for people prior to special events, such as weddings or formal events, or prior to photography sessions. These people may also try to sell the customer the products they use, but this experience is more focused on the customer. These beauty experts may have additional training, such as in cosmetology school, than the individuals found in department stores.


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