What Does a Beauty Advisor Do?

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A beauty advisor is a salesperson and an expert on the art of skin care and cosmetics. She sells beauty products to women based on the customer's individual needs. She understands the various types of skin and how her cleansers and moisturizers will effect the customer's skin. She is an expert in coloring and can advise customers on which cosmetics will enhance their skin tones. Many beauty advisors work in department stores, drug stores, or are home-based salespersons.

Beauty starts with basic skin care and a good understanding of skin types is an important skill for a beauty advisor. She should know how age affects skin and how to treat problem skin types. She has complete knowledge of the skin-care product line that she's selling and what each product can do for her customer's skin. This allows her to give a comprehensive recommendation of products that will help to enhance her customers' skin.

Touching the customer's skin and applying cosmetics are usually part of the department store beauty advisor's job. She can choose which cosmetics will enhance her customer's looks. Her duties often include giving a customer a make-over. Having a comprehensive knowledge of how to apply cosmetics to faces of various shapes and coloring is an important quality for a beauty advisor.


The drug store beauty advisor is generally available to advise and recommend skin care and cosmetics to customers. She may occasionally offer special make-overs to customers. She is usually responsible for rotating and replenishing the stock. She will generally use a cash register to ring up the customer's purchases.

Fragrances are usually part of the beauty advisor's product line. A good knowledge of fragrances in her produce line is an important part of the job. She will offer free samples to entice customers to her fragrance or cosmetic counter. She will advise potential customers on gift purchases.

The requirements for a beauty advisor vary by store, but previous retail experience is not always required. Usually the employer wants the advisor to have a working knowledge of skin care and beauty. A good grasp of math may be important, since the advisor will be handling money. Many employers believe the most important qualifications are a good personality and enthusiasm about the product line. Prospective applicants should be neatly groomed and professional in appearance.


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