What does a Bariatric Physician do?

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A bariatric physician is a licensed medical practitioner who specializes in the field of weight loss. This doctor will work with the patient in coordinating a program that will successfully help him lose weight to maintain optimum health. This specialist receives extensive training on nutrition and every aspect of bariatric medicine. He may also be a qualified bariatric surgery physician as well.

Typically, patients who see a bariatric physician who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to lose weight. He may offer a comprehensive plan, after a full evaluation that is individualized for the patient. Taking a complete history of the patient's medical status, the bariatric physician is able to create a unique program that works for the patient's specific needs and goals.

In the United States, a bariatric physician will typically belong to The American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). He will have received specialized training at one of the many programs this group has established since the early 1950s. He most likely will have a degree or certificate from such an organization if he has gained clinical education and trained in the United States.

Many bariatric physicians are also skilled surgeons. These specialists perform surgical procedures on patients to aid in weight reduction. Surgery is often reserved for obese patients when other options have been unsuccessful.


Often, patients will get advice and counseling regarding how to lose weight and how to keep the weight off from a bariatric physican. The doctor generally will devise a specialized diet for his patient. This will typically focus on essential nutrients and include a proper amount of daily calories carefully calculated for the patient's unique needs. Adjustments to eating habits, lifestyle recommendations, and other modifications will generally be part of a doctor's advice.

Across the United States, there are various bariatric physician jobs for qualified doctors. The growing need for specialists in this field is due to the increasing number of obese individuals. Medical centers are usually seeking to fill positions with qualified bariatric physicians. Internet searches may provide listings for interested applicants.

Many of the bariatric physicians who practice independently work in close association with a bariatric weight loss center. These centers offer individualized programs for patients who are recommended to the center by a bariatric physician. The centers often employ a full staff of qualified physicians who supervise and oversee every aspect of development.


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