What Do Voice over Agents Do?

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Voice over agents are talent agents who seek to match individuals with specific voice characteristics with work-related projects that require a certain type of accent, inflection, or other quality that is ideal for use in some sort of media presentation. Voice over work is readily available for television and radio advertising, in narration projects, and a number of other venues. Agents who specialize in representing voice over artists are constantly looking for opportunities for their clients to audition and secure parts in these venues, using a variety of methods to match the right client with the right job.

One of the more crucial responsibilities of voice over agents is to find work for their clients. This approach often involves making use of industry resources in order to identify potential voice over gigs that are likely to fit the profile of one or more clients. In the past, this meant spending time reviewing print publications that supplied information about upcoming auditions, cultivating relationships with producers and directors who often used voice over talent in their productions, and even making use of contacts at various venues such as secretaries and others who were willing to pass on a tip about an upcoming gig. Since the advent of the Internet, many voice over agents also access online information about upcoming auditions and make arrangements to send their clients to those events.


Along with seeking work for the current roster of clients, voice over agents sometimes audition potential new clients. This process can often make it possible to assess the quality and vocal style of an individual and determine if the agent thinks that with proper attention and additional voice training the individual could succeed in the business. If the agent believes it is worth the time and effort to take on the prospect and seek to find work for the performer, a contract is extended. If signed, the agent begins to immediately seek work opportunities for that new client.

It is not unusual for voice over agents to also help clients develop their skills in terms of how to prepare for an audition, what to say and do during when meeting with producers, and even in how to create an effective photo portfolio with appropriate publicity pictures and resumes to leave at auditions. Efforts of this type are an investment on the part of the agent, since if the client is able to consistently secure work, the agent earns a return on that investment in the form of a commission. With the right agent, a voice over professional can enjoy a steady stream of work that is suited to his or her talents, allowing both the agent and the performer to earn a significant amount of income.


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